DA2 Ultimate Edition release date PREDICTION

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User Info: DeathMetalPizza

6 years ago#1

Ok so this is just a personal prediction and MAN, I hope I'm right..
Dragon Age: Redemption (the web series with Felicia Day) is currently available on demand and amazon.com lists it's DVD release on Valentine's Day. Does anybody else think there's a good chance that Bioware and EA will release an Ultimate Edition of DA2 that includes that DVD? Possibly on the same day?

User Info: Bob the Almighty

Bob the Almighty
6 years ago#2
I think someone on either this board or the PS3 DA 2 board said that the Japanese version of DA 2, which gets released in February, supposedly has all the DLC included. So I don't think you're too far off on your prediction.

It does sound like the DLC is winding down though. Bioware recently announced that if you finish all three DLCs (Exiled Prince, Legacy, and Mark of the Assassin) by November 2012 that you would get some exclusive items in DA 2.

I don't see them saying something like that and than announcing more DLC. Plus if the Japanese version does include all the DLC than that would mean that all the planned DLC is done. At least that's what I would think.

I looked up the announcement for the Ultimate Edition of the first game and it was officially announced September 30, 2010 with an October 12, 2010 release date. That's just two weeks between announcing and releasing, so there's a very good chance you could be on to something. I see a mid or end of January announcement for a mid-February release.

I will admit though that it's a bit depressing that Dragon Age 2 didn't get near the amount of post-release content as Origins got. An Ultimate Edition of the game really wouldn't be worth it for someone who already has the game, even without any of the DLC.

If you only had Origins (no DLC or the Awakening expansion) the Ultimate Edition was a no brainer. You got Return to Ostegar plus the Awekening expansion in addition to The Darkspawn Chronicles, Leliana's Song, The Golems of Amgarrak, Witch Hunt, and the Feastday Gifts and Pranks pack.

That was a whopper of an investment!

Now if you already had Dragon Age 2 and bought the Ultimate Edition, you'd just get Legacy, Mark of the Assassin, and the two Item Pack bundles. Not near as exciting. :p

Although they could possibly include Dragon Age:Redemption in there as you mentioned. It would make the DA 2 UE a little meatier but still pretty pathetic compared to the Origins Ultimate Edition (which seemed like it was over-flowing with content).

I think the Dragon Age development team is hard at work on Dragon Age 3 at the expense of post-game content for Dragon Age 2. Honestly that's probably better in the long run.

Just one last thing to mention. Origins shipped in November 2009 with the Ultimate Edition shipped in October 2010. So it was only eleven months later. Dragon Age 2 shipped March 2011 and eleven months later would put it at February 2012. So if I had to guess I think you are pretty close with your prediction.
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User Info: DeathMetalPizza

6 years ago#3

Thanks for the thoughtful response, Bob.

User Info: BDJayce

6 years ago#4
i'm fairly sure that there's more DLC to come, there won't be a "DA2: UE" until all DLC is out..
GT: JamesBolton0723

User Info: DeathMetalPizza

6 years ago#5

It would be excellent if there was even more DLC on the way, but I've been holding out on DA2 until the Ultimate Edition comes out. I wanted to buy DAO when it first released but held off and when I got the UE, It instantly became of of the best games I'd ever played. I'm just being greedy and want DA2 already! :)

User Info: Black_Hand_313

6 years ago#6
Personally, I don't think they're gonna release any more substantial DLC and I don't think there'll be an Ultimate Edition. I just don't see the interest for it. Even Mass Effect 2 didn't have one unless you're counting the PS3 version as the 'Ultimate Edition' - that was really just the game with the DLC included for $60, while PC and Xbox gamers could get the barebones game for $20. I'm hoping for at least some sort of prelude DLC for DA3.If anyone's interested, Best Buy has DA2 on sale for $10 (think it's a daily deal only). I've seen similar sales, though not that low: you'd probably be better off not holding out for an Ultimate Edition.

User Info: Akuryu

6 years ago#7
I don't think there is enough DLC to warrant an ultimate edition. You can find the game really cheap now (less than $20) and buy all the DLC for cheaper than an ultimate edition would cost. Plus I doubt there is enough interest in DA2 to justify a rerelease.
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