Anders healer tactics???

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User Info: HHHSCSA

6 years ago#1
how has anyone set the tactics for anders as an healer

User Info: Sorugue

6 years ago#2
I have, you need to get him pretty far into the creation and his personal tree for him to be effective, namely invest in heal, and its upgrade, 'panacea', aid allies, and regroup. Im not sure if its just my game but you have to manually set panacea or he wont use it, I recommend setting it at the start of battle, setting heal to be used at around 50% health due to its cool down. Aid allies should be saved for when the battle is going badly, when at least 2-3 allies are at 50% heath.

I wouldn't recommend a second buff on him or any attack spells as Panacea's sustained mode is pretty taxing on his mana pool.
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User Info: snake999

6 years ago#3
Anders is my set mage and I found his AI pretty efficient during most fights (only needing to take over manually when boss fights got really bad). Panacea should be set to ---> activate ability: panacea--> 2 allies < 50% health. Then immediately under that, use ability: group heal-->2 allies < 50% health. Then under that, use ability: regroup-->ally dead. Set these to the top of the list. Set your heal to when ally hp falls at or below 50% and buy his unique tree passive ability to lower activation spell time costs and he's pretty effective. And as his very last tactic slot, set it to deactivate ability: panacea--> ally hp > 90%. I actually removed my deactivate panacea tactic slot because I preferred to keep it active all the time, which leads me to...
Another way to go with Anders (if you don't mind sacrificing his offensive spells) is to activate panacea manually (I'd still recommend leaving the tactic slot to activate it in though) and just leave it on no matter what (i.e. don't set a deactivation tactic).
Also, if you invest in willpower for anders then there's no reason to worry about him not having enough mp, especially if you keep panacea active as that limits him to only healing and support spells.

User Info: rpgian

6 years ago#4
healing supports % wise not based on mag stat so

ignore all mag use defensive ss's for his survival. bring willpower to acceptable level via accessories and and pump health/set him self recover mana/hp at x level for tough fights. with anders on a full healer role if he survives it is a party win.

rival is what you want for a healer (there is no healer like anders)
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