Night terrors help (act2spoilers)

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User Info: DahlVaughnni

6 years ago#1
Okay, I'm trying to get all the achievements in one playthrough.

I'm doing night terrors, and since I took the side of mages twice in the first act and the templars once in the first act, I need to take the templar's side in Night Terrors (turn the guy tranquil).

Here's the problem, I need to negotiate with the demon in order to get Torpor's Barrier Rune, but when I do that, he turns Feynriel into an abomination (which doesn't appear to take the side of the templars OR the mages), and instantly teleports me back out into the real world.

Is there ANY way to get the rune and side with the templars at the same time? The guide didn't give me any warning about this.
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User Info: dlewis67

6 years ago#2
You need to side 5 Times with the Templars and 5 Times with the Mages. There are only 7 quests total that count towards the Achievements, making it impossible to get both of them on a single straight playthrough. Also, there are 2 Achievements at the very end, one for siding with the mages, and the other for siding with the Templars, which requires you to play through the entire last quest twice.

There is no way to get the Rune and side with either Mages or Templars.

User Info: Natwaf_akidna

6 years ago#3
Wait, which quests count for those?
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User Info: dlewis67

6 years ago#4
Here is the list:

Wayward Son, Act of Mercy, Enemies Among Us, Night Terrors, On The Loose, Best Served Cold, The Last Straw.
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