Ghost Recon Alpha Unlock Code for Five-Seven CM

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User Info: Jpshadow08

5 years ago#21
forrest23 posted...
hi i have unlocked the wild boar and fn5-7 here are the codes...

Fn 5-7 = 6ypr-2

my mate is trying to look for the defender code so i will post when have it.

PLEASE NOTE the "r" for the fn code is a russian one so it needs to be input backwards..MS word should have it on symbols bit

For some reason the Fn Five-seveN code didn't work for me. Not sure what i was doing wrong. I even tried looking for a russian R and it didn't work

EDIT: So i went to the forum tc put in his first post and just cut and pasted the code and then it worked. Not sure why haha but i am not complaining. For some reason me cutting and pasting the code above for the Five-seveN and then putting the Russian letter in the website didn't accept the code.
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User Info: godofkh4os

5 years ago#22
hey need help with the five-seven code for some reason the copy and paste method from TCs forum isnt valid for me even though its the right code. any ideas on whats goin on?

User Info: Jenthro

5 years ago#23
wont work to....

User Info: TrickyPony

5 years ago#24
It's not working now. I have two uplay accounts because I forgot about the first one. I made a second account about a month ago and input the codes as they were discovered including the FN5-7 russian code without any trouble and the gun unlocked. Now I recently recovered my original uplay account and put in all three codes to unlock them so I could toss my new account out. The Defender code worked, and Wild Boar code worked, but the FN5-7 code no longer works and I know for a fact it worked before.

User Info: Bristow84

5 years ago#25
The Five Seven will not transfer over to my game
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User Info: TrickyPony

5 years ago#26
There is a known problem with the FN Five-seveN code. It worked before the GRN site went down and everyone is confirming that it no longer works. Hopefully they get it validated again because I love that pistol.

Here is the thread

User Info: Wezzerman

5 years ago#27
It just worked for me. Just an FYI

User Info: TrickyPony

5 years ago#28
Yeah it worked for me this morning too. So they fixed that glitch pretty quick.

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