engineering catch 22

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User Info: guerradoro

5 years ago#1
i started as a engineer thinking it would be fun. Now im not really enjoying it as much, but when play another class i have fun but we dont win as much as when im an engineer. anyone else feel the same? also any squads want an engineer lvl 24?

User Info: mD_atheist

5 years ago#2
Makes sense, most games there is no engineer and if there is they arent helping much with intel. uav is easily the most useful tool in the game but not enough people use it.
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User Info: Krazylude26

5 years ago#3
when i play i usually use the engineer cause i like using the uav and I like running shotgun when the game acts right that is. Its true not enough people take advantage of the uav. I'm helping my team out but when my uav goes out I'm lone wolfing it blindly so who's helping me out lolz

User Info: guerradoro

5 years ago#4
im looking forward to 40 so i atleast have a uav that helps more. when mine goes down i'll try to throw some sensors where i think enemies are or make a suicide run to the objective.

User Info: C_Aureus

5 years ago#5
I thought you meant the catch 22 was the only way to kill people was to unlock the armor piercing ammo which requires you to get to level 36 but getting to that level is almost impossible without armor piercing ammo

User Info: guerradoro

5 years ago#6
lol. life is rough as a engineer

User Info: BoloVic

5 years ago#7
Why are you waiting for level 40 when you unlock the UCAV/Sentry?UCAV is useless. It doesn't provide any intel, has weak weapons, and moves slower.
GT: Bolo Vic

User Info: Mike_Alstott40

5 years ago#8
BoloVic posted...
Why are you waiting for level 40 when you unlock the UCAV/Sentry?UCAV is useless. It doesn't provide any intel, has weak weapons, and moves slower.

I disagree. I use the UCAV in conflict games. After we take the point and must defend, I hide just far enough from the objectiv to allow my team to spawn. At that point I use my UCAV. I'll tuck it away in a nearby roof top and use it when the other team starts hacking. I can do this twice. I am now allowing my teammates to resplendent on me fairly close and also killing possible hackers.

I agree that it is useless if you can't coordinate with your guys because they can't see enemies like they canary an with the UAV.
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User Info: nableet

5 years ago#9
I love the engineer.

The guns are great, I use similar less powerful guns in all shooters. (A phobia of using the best guns maybe?).

The sensor grenades are invaluable.

I took field computer as I play aggressive and always PTFO. Uav is useful, but I hate Mav users in Bf3 (and this feels similar minus the roadkills) and don't want to control anything but my guy.

User Info: Avison

5 years ago#10
Shotguns, slugs, ucav. Murder everything.

Though using the ucav when the enemy is hacking is basicaly the best thing ever.
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