Looking for co op partners

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User Info: daverraver7

4 years ago#11

User Info: karamsoul

4 years ago#12
Add me!

Aye Karamba

Will be playing coop maps all this week and next from 9pm est onwards. :)
"I'm kind of a big deal..."

User Info: Ezsprinter

4 years ago#13
Just brought the game after regretfully trading it last year

GT: EazzyE84

User Info: Omega-316

4 years ago#14
Looking to do Co-op.

GT: Karma021

User Info: karamsoul

4 years ago#15
Is it true that one cannot play coop guerrilla with another if one of them has DLC and the other does not (and vice versa)?
"I'm kind of a big deal..."

User Info: krymsonreign

4 years ago#16
You can still play together, just not the dlc maps or levels.

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