Im Looking To Join A Sqaud For Online Play

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  3. Im Looking To Join A Sqaud For Online Play

User Info: paulh488

4 years ago#1
I am looking for a sqaud to join for some online play i am a complete newb to online play but making good progress on campaign on elite difficulty if any1 interested my gamertag is Paulh488

User Info: axe4hire

4 years ago#2
I played my first mp game tonight. You can add me.

People like to yell at you if you don't know how to play so we'll have to stick together lol - MLG is not a sport
Gamer Tag - Right Wing Red | PSN - Right_Wing_Red

User Info: Ezsprinter

4 years ago#3
U can add me

User Info: spidey46

4 years ago#4
You can add me too GT: LHR BeefSquatch

User Info: krymsonreign

4 years ago#5
You can add me too if you're still looking for folks. I've been playing since this game came out, but I'm not hardcore with it... I just enjoy the game.


User Info: JTYooper

4 years ago#6
I may add one or more of you also. Have never played any MP or co-op on any game. Would like to start out with some Guerrilla mode. Have played enuf of this mode by myself (and had a good time with it), but can't advance without some teamwork, especially on Veteran or Elite. Maybe work into some co-op or MP, as long as team mates are mature noobs just looking for fun, and open to doing some on-line mentoring.

One drawback I have is available time, when no one is home, and TV is open for a few hours. Usually easiest when wife works night shift, and kids are busy with friends, but that doesn't happen real often.

I have a headset, I *think* it works okay, but won't know until I am on-line for first time.

My GT is JaySTeeY, keep an eye out for my friend request.

User Info: losttogod

4 years ago#7
Add me. I really need a group of dudes to smash with. I am pretty decent.
GT= William S Berry. i game and i game. i relay on Instinct over reflexes. a well placed throw is better than any combo..
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  3. Im Looking To Join A Sqaud For Online Play

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