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User Info: XBL_Mikey0629

4 years ago#1
If you are up for Guerrilla Mode post your G/T so people can add and invite. Keep this topic towards the top (shouldn't be hard considering the board traffic), so that others can contribute.

G/T: Mikey0629

User Info: eoinoc

4 years ago#2
please add me, i just got the game.

GT: Celtic Cog 79
Xbox Gamer Tag: Celtic Cog 79

User Info: tonyskipper3914

4 years ago#3
Would also like to co-op this mode and co-op campaign mode too if anyone is interested - my GT is CallmeSnake 84

User Info: TheLastAvatar05

4 years ago#4
All of you add me,

GT: MrWizard2000
Proud Member of Squad 422. "Altaha Abilia"

User Info: chizzaroid

4 years ago#5
Go ahead and add me. Gt is in the sig. I'll be on today and tomorrow if anyone is interested.
GT: Chizzatron

User Info: karamsoul

4 years ago#6
Add me in for coop as well:

Aye Karamba
"I'm kind of a big deal..."

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