Can anybody here find a game?

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User Info: Drag_ZERO

4 years ago#1
Not your typical "is this game dead" topic. Because in mots games that people proclaim "dead" there are still a few hundred people around and you can still find a game (Crysis 3, 40k: Space Marine, etc). But in this game, I literally cannot find a game. Not a single one. So.....yeah. Anybody else, or is my connection bad or something?

User Info: 2sips1rip

4 years ago#2
idk i have played one full game since i downloaded it today the rest as soon as i get in it kicks me saying server connection lost
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User Info: cbc72

4 years ago#3
What country are you in?

I have not had any issues getting into a game between 5 and 11 pm central time in the US.

That is only for playing conflict mode though. I have not tried other game modes.
Beast Mode!

User Info: xXxDSMer

4 years ago#4
There's still people around, and probably several new people because of the sale that just ended.

I'm usually into coop campaign and geruilla mode.

haven't figured out everything in adversarial mode yet lol.. and i dont particularly like having to pick things with attachment credits then use one of the really limited reset tokens if i want to do something else


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