best gun for engineer

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User Info: boundedcrib

4 years ago#1
hey, I need some help with my engineer. :) im not that big a shotgun fan either so try to make a full auto gun please. please make a full loadout (including secondary and equipment.)

thanks. :)

User Info: xXxDSMer

4 years ago#2
really just depends on your preferences. I'd recommend playing through the campaign to get an idea what kinda weapons you prefer (of the pdr's and shotguns, which i think is the two primary weapon types of engineer)
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User Info: WOT BS

4 years ago#3
the scar, bar none. bring it over to bodark and over gas it. give the saiga a try too, its incredible if you've got a rifleman with some tactical re-supplys. its a shame that treyarch absolutely castrated such a brutal gun in black ops 2.
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