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User Info: Mimeblade

7 years ago#1
Despite the gripes of the more serious players, I happen to want to know all the hidden unlisted inputs in this game, so for starters, we'll start with Unlimited Makoto. (Henceforth referred to as U.Makoto or Unlim.(character name)).

Acorn Toss: A+B
Step-in: 41236+C
(Punch follow-up after Step-in): B/C
Machine Gun Blow: 41236+B (can be cancelled into DDs and some others I think)
Cross-Counter Taunt: 63214+B

Hidden DD 3-hit combo (does 3k or so): 236236+B

Makoto's "other" Makoto combo (from SF3 3rd Strike/SSF4): 214214+C

She has some kind of aerial headbutt move input but I haven't figured it out yet...but at the same time I'd like to document the rest of the hidden inputs if someone can help, I'd appreciate it. Especially for all the characters.

User Info: Kibafool

7 years ago#2
Unlimited Ragna

214D (Dead Spike) now has a follow up

That's about the only moveset change with him. His moves have different properties though.
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User Info: zephyrical

7 years ago#3
During U.Makoto's 236236B, you can mash B for more hits, max damage is OVER 9000!!!
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User Info: Game Jester

Game Jester
7 years ago#4
Just want to point out that Makato's 236236+B will actually do about 9k damage if you keep mashing B and it needs 100% heat to even be used.
And I know some of these things I'm about to list aren't "moves" but they're nice to know, and some are hidden commands.

-Can use all moves of Serpent's Benediction without going into the stance. I believe they are 214A, 214B and 214C respectively.

-All standard moves cost 1 magatama.
-God Slash is now a slash.
-His counter DD will hit even if he doesn't actually counter anything.

-22A, 22B and 22C will make Bang teleport to different ranges.
-All nails are thrown in threes.

-236236+A is his one hit KO death bag, it won't do a thing if it's not hit though and needs 50% heat. When it is hit it breaks into tiny bugs that follow the opponent which is what KOs them.

-214214+A is a DD that takes 50% heat where she throws a bunch of crap.
-214214+B is a DD that takes 50% heat where the kaka kittens run by and damage the opponent.

-632146+A is a DD that takes 50% heat where she pushes the opponent across the screen with fire.
-Her Sword of Decimation has a sword come out of the ground rather than her swinging her blades.

-22C is the chasing Sword Iris.

U.Lambda a.k.a. Nu
-She has her 44/66 move back where she moves fast after a combo.

User Info: Altoh

7 years ago#5
thanks for telling us if you keep mashin B you can do up to 9000 dmg >_> i just got the Fur and Loathing in Kagutsuchi trophy using it
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User Info: Saloken

7 years ago#6
623B for hazama unlimited. Unshown command list move.

User Info: Mimeblade

7 years ago#7
Pressing D after her D moves does an Action Charge of 1 fragment (Like Order-Sol).

1C/3C = Genesic Emerald Tager Buster (normally 720 C)
1D/3D = King of Tager (Normally 1080 D)
6A/5D can be delayed.
Dashing is invulnerable to high and mid attacks, but vulnerable to throws and sweeps.

22A/B/C/D does Teleports like Chipp Zanuff
236C -> 236B -> 236C (Sushi-Sukiyaki-Banzai)
also 236C -> 236C variant.

She retains Lamda-11's moves of 236B (sweep) 236C (knockback) which can be linked together.
She can cancel from these with 44 or 66 dash.
236A is a dashing throw now.

Drive now has 10 chains after the initial move and no longer has rules regarding input (i.e. 6C 6C can be done), also after the chain ends up to three Spring Raids can be tacked on (which links to Fenrir).
D moves can be cancelled at any time into other D moves or specials as well.
236A/B/C (Optic Barrell can fire up to 3 times)
j.236C has a jump install property that lets you jump or airdash it (up to three times).
Noel has 3 jumps/2 airdashes for air options.
j.214A Fires a Missile
j.214C Does aerial gunfire.
214C does Fenrir as a Special without Heat needed.

As stated before all moves cost 1 Magatama EXCEPT Distortion Drives, however they can still be cancelled to and from DDs.
2D/5D/6D all Auto-Yukikaze, which cancels into other specials, but it should be noted that if a Projectile triggered it, it's blockable (5 hits or so).
jD is an auto-Tsubaki.
236236D Yukikaze auto launches regardless of the hit or not, after so many frames he's invincible, but can be thrown on or near startup or hit out of it after the shield is gone.
623(nothing): special dash input....does various moves depending on what you press:
623A (Enma) randomly will do a fast input of this (I don't know what the conditions for it are)
623+Special (will do any of his GROUND specials 214B/214A/41236C after the dash), note he is invulnerable during the dash but NOT during the special cancel.
Special Combo:
AAC (two quick punches and a thrust of his palm, does floor slide after the combo).
AAB (two quick punches and a delayed low kick...does not combo, meant for mixup however).

User Info: Archimonde123

7 years ago#8
Someone should totally compile a list and make a sticky or a FAQ.
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