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User Info: OKRecords1138

6 years ago#1
The following list contains the vehicle names, and the "common" area they are seen. If you have trouble finding specific ones, feel free to ask as they can sometimes be found in specific locations or during specific missions as well. HIDDEN VEHICLES LISTED TWO POSTS BELOW THIS ONE

2-Door Vehicles (25)

Buick Business Coupe - Westlake
Buick Coupe - Downtown, Central
Buick Eight Convertable - Wilshire
Buick Eight Coupe - Downtown, Central
Buick 2DR Sedanette - Wilshire
Chevrolete Fleetmaster 2DR - Downtown, Central
Chevrolete Styeline - Downtown, Central
Chrysler Town and Country - Downtown, Hollywood
Cord Hardtop - Hollywood
Buick Custom - Hollywood
Ford Convertible - Hollywood
Ford Custom - Central
Packard Custom - Wilshire
Desoto 2DR Custom - Westlake
Ford 2 DR - Westlake
Ford Business Coupe
Ford Tudor Convertible
Ford V8 Sedan - Downtown, Central
Lasalle V8 Sedan - Westlake
Lincoln Continental Coupe - Wilshire
Nash Super 600 - Downtown Central
Packard Clipper Eight - Downtown, Central
Packard Clipper Six - Wilshire
Pontiac Torpedo Six - Westlake, Hollywood
Studebaker Commander - Westlake

4-Door Vehicles (19)

Cadillac Lasalle Series 50 - Westlake and East Downtown
Cadillac Series 61 Touring Sedan - Wilshire
Cadillac Series 61 - Westlake
Cadillac Series 75 Limousine - Hollywood
Chevrolet Sedan - East Downtown
Plymouth P5 - East Downtown
Chrysler Airflow - Downtown, Central
Desoto Custom Suburban - Downtown, Central
Hudson Super Six - Downtown, Central
International D Series Sedan - East Downtown
Frazer Manhattan - Downtown, Central
Lincoln Zephyr Touring - Westlake
Oldsmobile Hydramatic 88 - Downtown, Central
Oldsmobile Sedan - Hollywood
Packard Clipper Eight - Downtown, Central
Plymouth Sedan - East Downtown
Plymouth Special Deluxe Six - Wilshire
Pontiac Sedan Six - Downtown, Central
Willy's Overland - Downtown, Central

Sports Vehicles (8)

Cadillac V16 Convertible - Hollywood
Chevrolette Fleetmaster Convertible - Hollywood
Mercury Custom - East Downtown
Ford Deluxe Convertible - Westlake
Lincoln Continental Convertible - Hollywood
Lincoln Model K Convertible Roadster - Wilshire
Nash La Fayette Convertible - Hollywood
Oldsmobile S98 Convertible - Wilshire

Service Vehicles (20)

International KB8 - East Downtown
Chevrolet Pickup - Westlake
Chevrolet Van - Westlake
Chevrolet Civilian Van - Downtown, Central
Chevrolet Pickup 2 - Downtown, Central
GMC Pickup - Downtown, Central
Nash Deluxe 600 Army - South Hollywood
American La France Fire Truck - Wilshire
Buick Ambulance - Central
Chevrolet Tow Truck - Wilshire
Desoto Custom Suburban Taxi - Downtown, Central
Dodge Fuel Truck - Wilshire
Ford Ambulance - Central
International Metro KB1M - Wilshire
International KB5 - Hollywood
International D Series - Central
Heil Colecto-Pak - Central
International KB8 - East Downtown
International KB6 - East Downtown

Police Vehicles (9)

Buick Super - Used during traffic cases
Cadillac Series 62 Convertible - Used during vice cases
Chevrolet Fleetmaster 2DR - Used by Jack Kelso during his arson cases
Chevrolete Coroner's Van - Parked near many crime scenes
Ford Police Special - Used during patrol cases
Hudson Commodore - Used during your arson cases
International Police Wagon - At roadblocks, or during the Reefer Madness mission
Nash Super 600 - Used during homicide cases
Studebaker Commander - Parked near many crime scenes


User Info: Halo478

6 years ago#2
Awesome thx bro
La noire
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User Info: accinelli_04

6 years ago#3
I'm counting 81 in your list... not 95. I think you are missing the Hidden Vehicles?

User Info: OKRecords1138

6 years ago#4
Hidden Vehicles (15)

Cadillac Town Car - Garage of Alaco station in Hollywood
Chrysler Woody - Residence garage down long alley near 7th and Vermont Ave
Cisilalia Coupe - Behind Angel City Security in the Wilshire Division 7
Cord 810 Softtop - Sublevel of two storyu buidling on Mateo Street
Davis Delux - Residence garage on the border of Hallywood and Wilshire
Delage D8 120 - In Central downt he "L" shaped alley between Beacon and Union Ave
Delage D8 120 S Poutout Aero-Co - Garage on corner of Normandie and Lemongrove
Delahaye 135MS Cabriolet - In Hollywood adjacent the shopping area in double garage
Duesenberg Walker Coupe - Garage on corner Santa Monica and El Centro, Hollywood
Phantom Corsair - Inside Alco station corner of 3rd street and Traction Ave, Central LA
Stout Scarab - In garage between 4th St and Whittler Blvd, East of LA River
Talbot GS26 - Inside Alco station in Central LA on corner of 6th and Bixel St.
Tucker Torpedo - Small brick garage on corner of Oakwood and Western Ave, Wilshire
Voisin C7 - Alco station in Hollywood, corner of La Brea and Sunset Blvd.
Ford H Boy - Wilshire Alco station on corner of Beverly Blvd and Kingsley Dr.

PLEASE NOTE - There are actually 96 vehicles. This includes the vehicle you start with.
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User Info: Laylow12

6 years ago#5
You should submit this for a guide TC.
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User Info: OKRecords1138

6 years ago#6
In the long run, it's not very in depth as a guide. More of a guideline I would say to get you in the right direction to find the vehicles.
"lol" has become the new word for the term, "I have nothing further to say."

User Info: DiamondZ

6 years ago#7
Buick Custom
Packard Custom
Nash Super 600
Cadillac Series 61
Oldsmobile Hydramatic
Plymouth Sedan
Buick Ambulance

Do any of these have fixed locations, any help would be greatly appreciated.

User Info: The_404s

6 years ago#8
Suggested for sticky.

User Info: The_404s

6 years ago#9
Are there any hidden or otherwise unique cars with police radios in them?

User Info: LostboyOmi

6 years ago#10
Also noticed you have the for Service Vehicles (20), you have 19 listed along with International KB8 - East Downtown listed twice so there is only 18 of the 20.
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