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Truth Dought and lie?

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User Info: ewo1992

6 years ago#1

how do you know which one to use what do you look for?

User Info: wha7leven

6 years ago#2
Is this a serious question?
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User Info: ewo1992

6 years ago#3

yes it is.....

like i know if you have evidence but can you really just see by the way they act?

User Info: Harouki

6 years ago#4
Lie: They say one thing and you have evidence to show that they are wrong.
Example: "I heard four gunshots." You found 5 casings.

Doubt: They say something and you have no evidence to show whether they are right or wrong, but their animation shows them nervous. Eyes are darting around, body shaking etc

Truth: Their testimony matches your evidence.

It's not that hard in theory anyway...
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User Info: chaoz-king

6 years ago#5
Watch their face and body! A good way to see if anyone is telling the truth is to see if they look you in the eyes this isn't 100% true all the time but people lying tend to look up and to the right or at the ground. Only use lie when someone says something that you know is not true (the way you do this is provide the evidence that shows their lying) A good rule for when to pick doubt is if you have no evidence but they still seem like they are not telling the truth. Don't worry about doing bad, I'm by no means getting everything 100% correct but every case I do I get a little better at telling when people lie or tell the truth.

User Info: NettoSaito

6 years ago#6
Just listen to the tone of their voice and how they act, but that's not what I'm having a problem with.. I'm having a problem with knowing what it's asking me to do! I mean *spoilers from the first hour* like the jewish guy talking about the "jew hater"

You're all "so he hated jews" but he replies saying "I have no idea what you're talking about"

That would be a LIE because he's the one who just told you that this guy hates jews and now he is pretending he never said that, but you get it wrong if you pick lie because the Truth/Dought/Lie thing isn't about what he just said, it's about the guy they're talking about.

So yeah that's what's confusing me at times, what I'm saying truth/dought/lie to.
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User Info: ashphoenix77

6 years ago#7
why cant people spell doubt?
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User Info: foofighter11

6 years ago#8
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User Info: Gorenks

6 years ago#9
There are times when facial features screw you over. So far this has happened a few times. They are usually already douches or they're children. CHILDREN ARE SO HARD TO READ IN THIS GAME BLARGH!
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User Info: Exile71186

6 years ago#10
Don't forget about intuition as well.. They put that feature in the game for a reason.. If your stuck and are about to choose a random one.. Use an intuition point to help your odds.
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