Damn Tiernan and McCaffrey (Spoilers)

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User Info: jonno888

6 years ago#1
I'm replaying the game to get 5 stars and thesev guys are so hard to read.

They are both so good at telling lies and finally Tiernan started crying actually believing that he killed the woman... So I arrested him and got shouted at.

I can't be the only one that had trouble with these guys.
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User Info: Aquacyan

6 years ago#2
Not for me. I accused McCaffrey immediately after I interviewed both. Got praised for it too.

Something about McCaffrey kind of tipped me off I guess. I don't know.

User Info: Section Nemesis

Section Nemesis
6 years ago#3
I guess I got lucky with the line of questioning.

I got all of the questions 'Correct' and Tiernan tried selling out McCaffrey by claiming he gave the girl a death threat, or at least vocally expressed doing her harm. I went back to McCaffrey and said that, and then he accused Tiernan saying he ended up at his place drunk with the murder weapon and the clothes and he was going to help him out.

Back again, Tiernan broke down and pretty much gave a half confession. I walked away from that having a bad feeling and noticed I could use the phone, at which point Phelps asked about the background info/criminal record on McCaffrey, which then revealed he was abusive to women before because that woman took/stole something from him, and when he was confronted with that information he pretty much snapped shouting something along the lines of "She got what she was coming to her!". Profanity excluded.

So yeah, after that it was easy to pick. xD
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User Info: jackacid

6 years ago#4
This was the hardest set of interrogations in the game for me. Lots of clues spread around, evidence pointing to both suspects.
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User Info: SiLVeR_420

6 years ago#5
The hardest for me was Monroe...his stupid face.
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