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User Info: Stuntman5ETH

7 years ago#1
do we have to justify what we want to spend our money on. Lets just end it and stop arguing with the people who believe that this XBLA title is a rip off. We are living in a country based on freedom, people spend money on garbage everyday. Let the haters hate for it is their right even if they are completely wrong.

User Info: Arrenren

7 years ago#2
hey people pay $15 for thos CoD maps

User Info: Sheets101

7 years ago#3
^ This...

If people argue over paying $5 for this, and some pay $15 just for the MW2 map packs. =( <--- Sadface
Limits are Nothing.....
Gamertag: Sheetsy77, Skype: XSheetsyX

User Info: ColGryFox

7 years ago#4
I bought sushi and tea for $10, and that only lasted 10 minutes. I think Case 0 will last longer than that.

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