Yes, there is a sprint button.

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  3. Yes, there is a sprint button.

User Info: sethbouldin

7 years ago#1

I've seen a few people complain about this here and there and no one ever said this (I just found out myself.)

To sprint, simply hold X with nothing equipped.

User Info: FredCat07

7 years ago#2
That way I noticed Greene hold his left arm in the position almost like West's way to hold his camera when he running around.
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User Info: someone

7 years ago#3
...I'm shocked. Never knew.
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User Info: TheCrazedMadman

7 years ago#4
Wow....all this time I was grabbing the moose head to move quickly from point to point.

Sprint isnt quite as awesome however...still nice to know., where was I?

User Info: ConstableToad

7 years ago#5

blink the man.
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User Info: HarveyVoldarski

7 years ago#6
Good to know, but I still miss the punt kick.
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User Info: Tbon110

7 years ago#7
^No way, that kick was worthless. I'd prefer a sprint ability over that wimpy strike anytime.
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User Info: Slayer_22

7 years ago#8
Doesn't work...

User Info: EricksHinumaru

7 years ago#9

From: Slayer_22 | #008
Doesn't work...


TC, I didn't even notice a moment of speed.
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User Info: sethbouldin

7 years ago#10

Well I'm level five but I never got stat increases when I leveled, I just got CCs, a move to get a zombie off my back, and an inventory slot. Still, I wouldn't have made it up. Try it with a leveled character.

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  2. Dead Rising 2: Case Zero
  3. Yes, there is a sprint button.

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