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  3. God damn TRAFFIC CONES.

User Info: Distortoise

6 years ago#1
Construction in my area means they're everywhere, and all I can think about when driving past a sign guy is spray cans.

User Info: xxGing

6 years ago#2
Careful, because for some reason spray cans and pylons make heads explode.
"Be water my friend." - Bruce Lee
[pSN= xxGing], [gamerTag= xxGing X], [blazBlue= Main= Bang, Sub= Hakumen], [sF4= Fei Long + Cody with SSF4]

User Info: PVTGREY

6 years ago#3
My father gave me about 6 drills. He still has like 10 more. Everytime I keep looking at my tool area in my garage. I keep thinking of a drill bucket.
I'm what you call. A Morally Right Gamer.

User Info: ExplodingRat

6 years ago#4
I use duct-tape to make nails stick to my baseball bats.
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  2. Dead Rising 2: Case Zero
  3. God damn TRAFFIC CONES.

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