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User Info: Krustytoe

4 years ago#1
Your World of Tanks Invite Code:

Your World of Tanks Bonus Code:
PSN: krustytoe

User Info: Fossil

4 years ago#2

User Info: raichudl

4 years ago#3
Whats an invite code for when the game is F2P?
Shut up and bag yourselves!!! -Cody Rhodes

User Info: rookieplayer03

4 years ago#4
EDIT: I just looked it up. You get 1k gold, 100k credits and 5 days premium. It's like ~$15 worth of free stuff.
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User Info: raichudl

4 years ago#5
have the codes been used?

The codes have been used.
Shut up and bag yourselves!!! -Cody Rhodes

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