Light Type Ideas

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User Info: UltimaShadow7

7 years ago#1
Here are my ideas for a Light type Pokemon

Strong Against-

Weak Against-
Rock (because rock blocks out light)

Light Types would also benefit from Sunny Day

Also, a new move called Night Sky could counteract Sunny Day
Night Sky would power Ghost and Dark, while weakening Light types.
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User Info: Chubu

7 years ago#2
wow great type

angel pokemons
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User Info: PirateKing290

7 years ago#3
Add like Dragon to strong against and Ice to Weak against.

User Info: radio_chango

7 years ago#4
rocks block light..........

a christmas tree could be a good light pkmn
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User Info: DerpDerp4eva

7 years ago#5
I think poison should be super effective against it because.. poison sucks right now.

User Info: DerpDerp4eva

7 years ago#6
Also.. i think about 1/4th of the normal type pokemon would fall under a light type category.. yknow such as blissey and togekiss.

User Info: Ivashanko

7 years ago#7
No... any new type *must* balance out the existing types. It makes no sense for rock to be good against it; rock is good enough as it is.

User Info: Tate_Surro

7 years ago#8
Pretty sure "Light" in Japan is fighting type. The more you know.
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User Info: SilentWanderer

7 years ago#9

From: Tate_Surro | Posted: 5/22/2010 2:13:57 AM | #001
Pretty sure "Light" in Japan is fighting type. The more you know.

Yep, this. Electric, fire and psychic could be considered light type as well, though I'm not 100% sure on that. Anyways, wouldn't grass types be resistant to it?
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User Info: spamhair

7 years ago#10
Why is it weak and strong against dark?? I'm confuzzed.

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