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User Info: MasterNergal

6 years ago#1

Looking at the Pokemon gyms, I thought to myself...

"This is sickening. I mean, what's with this first gym leader? It's like your second rival battle from EVERY OTHER GAME... except you get a gym badge? Weak."

PS- I am aware the easiness of the gyms was because kids had trouble beating the leaders in past games.

Points for creativity!! (Don't worry about the pokemon's availability at which point in the game the gyms will be found, this is just for fun.)

First Gym: FLYING
TM: 62 (Acrobat)

Level 15 Hatooboo (Normal/Flying)
~Quick Attack

Level 17 Kokoromori (Psychic/Flying)
~Heart Stamp
~Odor Sleuth

Second Gym: GHOST
TM: 30 (Shadow Ball)

Level 20 Desumasu (Ghost)
~Evil Eye
~Night Shade

Level 20 Hitomoshi (Fire/Ghost)
~Night Shade

Level 22 Pururiru (Ghost/Water)
~Shadow Ball
~Night Shade

Third Gym: GROUND
TM: 78 (Level Ground)

Level 22 Gobitto (Ghost/Ground)
~Shadow Punch
~Level Ground
~Mega Punch
~Iron Defense

Level 23 Maggyo (Electric/Ground)
~Mud Shot
~Level Ground

Level 25 Gamagaru (Water/Ground)
~Level Ground
~Muddy Water

TM: 01 (Claw Sharpen)
(I'd really like if they had a gym leader that was really connected to the story again... like Norman was Ruby's father... and I wish the Claire/Lance relationship had been expanded on a lot more. Giovanni being the final gym leader was a nice touch in Red/Blue. So... I'm making my fourth gym leader the hero's OTHER rival. Like Wally from Ruby/Sapphire)

Level 28 Hiyakkie (Water)
~Boiling Water
~Claw Sharpen

Level 28 Baokkie (Fire)
~Bursting Flame
~Ankle Sweep
~Sunny Day

Level 28 Yanakkie (Grass)
~Claw Sharpen
~Seed Bomb
~Shadow Claw
~Rock Tomb

Fifth Gym: BUG
TM: 81 (X-Scissor)
I loooved the Tate & Liza battle... so I'm gonna include a double battle for this gym. :)

Level 32 Hahakurimo (Bug/Grass)
~Razor Leaf
~Helping Hand

Level 32 Pendoraa (Bug/Poison)
~Poison Tail

Sixth Gym: FIRE
TM: 43 (Nitro Charge)

Level 35 Hihidaruma (Fire)
~Brick Break
~Nitro Charge

Level 33 Ranpuraa (Ghost/Psychic)
~Evil Eye
~Bursting Flame

Level 37 Enbough (Fire/Fighting)
~Nitro Charge
~Hammer Arm
~Defense Curl

Seventh Gym: ROCK (Holy nards, you mean rock ISN'T the first gym? This guy must be CRAZY!)
TM: 23 (Knock Down)

Level 35 Iwaparesu (Rock/Bug)
~Knock Down
~Stealth Rock
~Faint Attack

Level 38 Abagoura (Water/Rock)
~Stealth Rock
~Aqua Tail
~Aqua Jet

Level 38 Archeos (Flying/Rock)
~Knock Down

Level 40 Gigaiath (Rock)
~Rock Slide
~Knock Down
~Giga Impact

Eighth Gym: NORMAL
TM: 27 (Return)
This gym is all about friendship and trust in your Pokemon, because, after all, the game is meant for kids... awww.... pbbbth.

Level 40 Muurando
~Wild Bolt
~Aerial Ace

Level 42 Wargle (HAX)
~Claw Sharpen
~Free Fall

Level 43 Mebukijika
~Wood Horn
~Jump Kick
~Leech Seed

Level 44 Baffuron
~Afro Break

User Info: supernintendo58

6 years ago#2
Eigth Gym: Bug
TM: U-Turn

Shubarugo Lv40
Shell Armor
-Bug Buzz
-Iron Head
-Iron Defense
-Fast Guard

Agirudaa Lv40
-Giga Drain
-Bug Opposition

Denchura Lv42
Compound Eyes
-Signal Beam
-Electra Ball

Ulgamoth Lv45
Flame Body
-Bug Bite
-Nitro Charge
-String Shot
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User Info: dratini360

6 years ago#3
The Priority Gym
Scizor/Technian @ Choice Band
Bullet Punch
Night Slash

Empoleon/torrent @ nothing
Aqua Jet
Steel Claw

Shedinja/wonderguard @ nothing
Shadow sneak

MAIN EVENT! *Spoilers*

Breloom / Technician With Sitrus Berry
Focus Punch
Seed Bomb
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User Info: Albac0re

6 years ago#4
Good luck with that...

Ah who am I kididing:

First Gym; Ghost:
TM 30(Shadow Ball)

Misdreavus LvL14
Shadow Ball
Confuse Ray

Rotom LvL17
Confuse Ray
Double Team
Shadow Ball

Second Gym; Flying:
TM 88(Pluck)

Hatooboo LvL21
Quick Attack
Air Cutter

Togetic LvL21
Sweet Kiss

Honchkrow LvL25
Wing Attack

Third Gym; Water:
TM 55(Boiling Water)

Milotic LvL29
Boiling Water
Aqua Tail

Gyarados Lvl31
Boiling Water
Dragon Rage

Abagoura LvL34
Boiling Water
Wide Guard
Knock Down

Fourth Gym; Poison:
TM 09(Venom Shock)
[Triple Battle]

Skuntank LvL38
Venom Shock

Drapion LvL38
Venom Shock
Bug Bite
Toxic Spikes
Scary Face

Morobareru LvL38
Venom Shock
Giga Drain

Fifth Gym; Fighting:
TM 47(Ankle Sweep)
[Double Battle]

Kojond LvL38
Ankle Sweep
Jump Kick
Calm Mind
Drain Punch

Zuruzukin LvL38
Ankle Sweep
Hi Jump Kick
Scary Face

Dageki LvL42
Ankle Sweep
Bulk Up

Nageki LvL42
Ankle Sweep
Body Slam
Bulk Up

Sixth Gym; Steel:
TM 91(Flash Cannon)

Aianto LvL43
Flash Cannon
Bug Bite

Skarmory LvL43
Flash Cannon
Steel Wing
Air Slash

Gigigiaru LvL47
Flash Cannon
Body Purge
Mirror Shot

Seventh Gym; Dark:
TM 66(Payback)

Houndoom LvL46
Fire Fang
Beat Up

Sharpedo LvL45
Aqua Jet

Waruvial LvL47

Barujiina LvL46
Air Slash
Dark Pulse

Sazandora LvL45
Dragon Rush
Cheer Up

Eighth Gym; Psychic:
TM 03(Psycho Shock)

Alakazam LvL47
Psycho Shock
Psycho Cut
Calm Mind

Gardevoir LvL49
Psycho Shock
Calm Mind

Metagross LvL48
Psycho Shock
Hammer Arm
Iron Defence

Gallade LvL49
Psycho Cut
Psycho Shock
Healing Wave

Oobemu LvL51
Psycho Shock
Calm Mind

thats mine.
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User Info: Quesker

6 years ago#5
Lemme give it a shot with a random gym first:

Draco Gym

Lv. 53 Charizard
-Belly Drum
-Flare Blitz
-Dragon Claw
Lv. 53 Gyarados
-Aqua Tail
-Stone Edge
-Dragon Dance
Lv. 54 Kingdra
-Dragon Pulse
-Ice Beam
-Signal Beam
Lv. 54 Salamence
-Draco Meteor
Lv. 55 Garchomp
-Claw Sharpen
-EXTREMESPEED (doesn't normally know this)

Reward: TM01 (Claw Sharpen) and the Mythos Badge

Now, I've been making notes for my 4th gen remake of Kanto. Here's the 1st 4:

Leader Brock:
-Level 15 Geodude that has Rock Head with Tackle, Rock Polish, Rock Throw, and Magnitude
-Level 16 Onix that has Rock Head that holds an Oran Berry with Bind, Rock Tomb, Rock Polish, and Dig
Reward: 1400 Pokedollars, TM39 and the Boulder Badge

Leader Misty:
-Level 21 Horsea that has Sniper with Smokescreen, Bubblebeam, Focus Energy, and Icy Wind
-Level 21 Staryu that has Natural Cure with Tackle, Water Gun, Recover, and Twister
-Level 23 Starmie that holds a Wise Glasses that has Natural Cure with Water Pulse, Swift, Icy Wind, and Recover
Reward: 2100 Pokedollars, TM03 and the Cascade Badge

Leader Lt. Surge:
-Level 26 Voltorb that holds a Leftovers with Static with Charge Beam, Rollout, Light Screen, and Sonicboom
-Level 27 Raichu that holds a Leftovers with Thunderbolt, Grass Knot, Brick Break, and Substitute
-Level 28 Electabuzz that holds a Leftovers with Thunderbolt, Swift, Psychic, and Double Team
Reward: 3000 Pokedollars, TM24 (Thunderbolt) (Don't worry, you can still get these at the Game Corner), and the Thunder Badge

-Level 31 Victreebel that has a Liechi Berry with Leaf Blade, Sucker Punch, Return, and Wrap
-Level 31 Tangela that has a Peyata Berry with Energy Ball, Sludge Bomb, Ancientpower, and Shock Wave
-Level 31 Vileplume that has a Wide Lens with Sleep Powder, Toxic, Aromatherapy, and Petal Dance
-Level 32 Venusaur that has a Black Sludge with Sludge Bomb, Substitute, Leech Seed, and Energy Ball
Reward: 3000 Pokedollars, TM53 (Energy Ball) and the RainbowBadge

More will come as I jot down them.....
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User Info: SilentWanderer

6 years ago#6
First gym: Bug gym
Gym layout: A dense forest with spider webs and pine cones.
Leader's name: Beatrice
Badge: Web Badge (looks like a beehive >_>)
TM: Bug Opposition (same as Arti gives you)
Team: lvl. 12 Kurumiru, lvl. 14 Bachuru, lvl. 16 Aianto
Rematch team: Lvl. 65 Denchura, lvl. 64 Hahakomori, lvl. 66 Aianto, lvl. 67 Scizor, lvl. 69 Ulgamoth, lvl. 65 Agirudaa

Second gym: Flying gym
Gym layout: There are a bunch of cloud platforms. You must use parasails to get to each one.
Leader's name: Soren
Badge: Squall Badge (looks like a cyclone)
TM: Free Fall
Team: lvl. 21 Washibon, lvl. 23 Aaken, lvl. 24 Swanna
Rematch team: lvl. 63 Wargle, lvl. 66 Archaeos, lvl. 62 Swanna, lvl. 65 Togekiss, lvl. 67 Skarmory, lvl. 68 Dragonite

Third gym: Ground gym
Gym layout: It looks the ruins of a temple or pyramid. There are quicksand pits and you must use carts and rotating platforms to reach the gym leader.
Leader's name: Sandra
Badge: Desert Badge (looks like a quicksand pit)
TM: Level Ground
Team: lvl. 25 Meguroco, lvl. 27 Gobitto, lvl. 29 Waruviru, lvl. 30 Doryuuzu (*trollface*)
Rematch team: Lvl. 62 Hippowdon, Lvl. 63 Waruvile, lvl. 64 Goruugo, lvl. 66 Doryuuzu, lvl. 65 Gliscor, lvl. 67 Garchomp

Fourth gym: Poison gym
Gym layout: You're inside of what appears to be a defunct toxic management plant. You must use switches and pulleys to raise and lower platforms and clear passages.
Leader's name: Bayne
Badge: Miasma Badge (looks like the stereotypical skull and bones)
TM: Venom Shock
Team: Lvl. 32 Pendoraa, lvl. 35 Morobareru, lvl. 37 Dasutodasu
Rematch team: Lvl. 64 Pendoraa, lvl. 65 Dasutodasu, lvl. 66 Drapion, lvl. 64 Muk, lvl. 67 Crobat, lvl. 68 Toxicroak

Fifth gym: Psychic gym
Gym layout: Ornate temple like area. Must solve puzzles and riddles to progress.
Leader's name: Laura
Badge: Focus Badge (looks like a ray of light)
TM: Side Change
Team: lvl. 37 Shinpora, lvl. 39 Rankurusu, lvl. 41 Gochiruzeru, lvl. 42 Oobemu
Rematch team: lvl. 61 Shinpora, lvl. 63 Rankurusu, lvl. 64 Oobemu, lvl. 66 Metagross, lvl. 68 Espeon, lvl. 69 Gallade

Sixth gym: Fighting gym
Gym layout: A large coliseum. Matches are organized into elimination matches. Basically, Emerald's battle dome, but more lenient and more "gladiator-like."
Leader's name: Victor
Badge: Glory Badge (looks like a trophy)
TM: Ankle Sweep
Team: lvl. 42 Kojofuu, lvl. 44 Dageki, lvl. 46 Roopushin
Rematch team: lvl. 65 Kojondo, lvl. 67 Roopushin, lvl. 64 Breloom, lvl. 67 Machamp, lvl. 65 Hariyama, lvl. 68 Lucario

Seventh gym: Fire gym
Gym layout: A volcanic cavern. There are lava plumes randomly erupting and passages appearing and disappearing. Must make through a labyrinth of sorts.
Leader's name: Charlotte
Badge: Corona Badge (looks like a sun with its outline)
TM: Incinerate
Team: Lvl. 45 Merabura, lvl. 46 Baokkie, lvl. 49 Hihidaruma, lvl. 51 Shanderaa
Rematch team: Lvl. 63 Ninetales (DW one), lvl. 62 Baokkie, Lvl. 65 Hihidaruma, lvl. 67 Blaziken (DW one), lvl. 70 Ulgamoth

Eighth gym: Dark gym
Gym layout: A dark castle. Must light lamps in order to pass. Leader is on top of roof. It is always night.
Leader's name: Conrad (if playing as female)/Luna (if playing as male)
Badge: Nocturne Badge (looks like a crescent moon)
TM: Bark Out
Team: Lvl. 49 Lepardas, lvl. 52 Barujina, lvl. 51 Jiheddo, lvl. 53 Zoroark
Rematch team: Lvl. 64 Tyranitar, lvl. 63 Honchkrow, Lvl. 65 Zoroark, lvl. 67 Weavile, lvl. 69 Houndoom, lvl. 71 Sazandora
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User Info: SilentWanderer

6 years ago#7
On second thought, replace Lepardas and Barujina with Kirikizan and Zuzurukin respecitvely

Optional gym: Technician gym
Gym layout: A long corridor where you must use your stylus to "draw" the answer to each riddle or draw a number of objects in the time allotted.
Leader's name: Dexter
Badge: Skill badge (shaped like a brush. Does nothing really. Maybe it could have some hidden extras, but not sure)
Team: Lvl. 61 Mr. Mime, lvl. 63 Smeargle, lvl. 65 Chirachiino, lvl. 68 Roserade, lvl. 70 Breloom, lvl. 75 Scizor

Ahem, now for E4:

E4 member 1:
Specialty: Grass (annoyer role)
Name: Heather
Chamber description: A Victorian style garden with grass hedges, rosebushes and a small table in the corner with tea.
Team: lvl. 54 Mebukijika, lvl. 57 Yanakkie, lvl. 57 Doredia, lvl. 59 Erufuun
Rematch team: lvl. 69 Jalorda, lvl. 69 Sceptile, lvl. 69 Roserade, lvl. 69 Shiftry, lvl. 69 Doredia, lvl. 71 Erufuun

E4 member 2:
Specialty: Electric (speedster)
Name: Ryan
Chamber description: A factory like area with stormclouds and lightning rods.
Team: lvl. 57 Denchura, lvl. 58 Denchura, lvl. 60 Zeburaika, lvl. 61 Shiburidon
Rematch team: Lvl. 71 Denchura, lvl. 71 Zeburaika, lvl. 71 Electivire, lvl. 71 Magnezone, lvl. 71 Jolteon, lvl. 73 Shiburidon

E4 member 3:
Specialty: Water (mixed offense)
Name: Maria
Chamber description: Looks like the bottom of an undersea temple with columns and statues and a big clam in the middle with the E4 member.
Team: Lvl. 60 Mamanbou, lvl. 59 Hiyakkie, lvl. 62 Abagoora, lvl. 63 Burungeru
Rematch team: lvl. 73 Politoed (DW), lvl. 73 Abagoora (DW), lvl. 73 Kingdra, lvl. 73 Sharpedo, lvl. 73 Gyarados, lvl. 75 Burungeru

E4 member 4:
Specialty: Steel (mixed defense)
Name: Adam
Chamber description: Looks like battlefield ramparts with steel barricades and cannons.
Team: Lvl. 62 Kirikizan, lvl. 60 Doryuuzu, lvl. 64 Shubarugo, lvl. 65 Nattorei
Rematch team: lvl. 75 Kirikizan, lvl. 75 Bronzong, lvl. 75 Shubarugo, lvl. 75 Empoleon, lvl. 75 Aggron, lvl. 77 Nattorei

Champion Mel
Chamber description: A white room with columns and other decorations.
Team: lvl. 61 Wargle, lvl. 62 Hihidaruma, lvl. 63 Agirudaa, lvl. 64 Desukan, lvl. 65 Baffuron, lvl. 66 Sazandora
Rematch team: lvl. 78 Archaeos, lvl. 78 Shanderaa, lvl. 78 Scizor, lvl. 78 Lapras, lvl. 78 Porygon-Z, lvl. 80 Sazandora

Secret trainer Wally (yes, I've gone overboard at this point)
Team: lvl. 85 Altaria, lvl. 86 Roserade, lvl. 87 Magnezone, lvl. 88 Ononokusu, lvl. 89 Roopushin, lvl. 90 Gardevoir
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User Info: jimrichards

6 years ago#8
GYM 1 - Grass Type
Leader: Flora (A young lady, whose father runs a wood milling company. She is an advocate of environmentalism and as such opposes her father's career.)
Line up: Hoppip Lv 14, Shroomish Lv 16
Badge: Pollen Badge
Puzzle: Tree-hugger people block the way in the greenhouse-shaped gym. The player moves them by walking on piles of leaves, which, because of their environmentalist ways, leads them over to them to battle you.

GYM 2 - Fire Type
Leader: Heath (A brazen ginger man in his 20's. He acts arrogant and unbeatable, but really he has never won a battle as a leader.)
Line up: Slugma Lv 19, Darumakka Lv 22
Badge: Tinder Badge
Puzzle: The gym is in a cave containing a "trainer floor" and successively deeper ledges between areas of it. The player must activate switches to drain "lava" from these ledges to continue through to the leader.

GYM 3 - Electric Type
Leader: Ampierre (An older gentleman with a dark coloured Einstein haircut. He runs a business similar to Silph and Devon corporations, as well as a gym in the basement.)
Line Up: Bachuru Lv 25, Rotom Lv 26, Jolteon Lv 28
Badge: Static Badge
Puzzle: The player is to work out the code to open three laser doors, based on clues given by the nerdy guy at the entrance. Wrong guesses result in a trainer battle who tells you the right code upon the player's victory.

GYM 4 - Water Type
Leader: Carol (A woman in her early thirties. She is clad in a dress resembling a mermaid. She's an experienced gym leader and hopes her toddler son will take over some day.)
Line Up: Hiyakki Lv 29, Mantine Lv 32, Crawdaunt Lv 33
Badge: River Badge
Puzzle: The player must traverse a terraced room bisected by bodies of water by stepping on the correct raft. Wrong choices will result in a trainer battle and the current sweeping them down to the first floor.

In next post - Gyms 5-8
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User Info: jimrichards

6 years ago#9
GYM 5 - Ice Type
Leader: Hailey (Carol's younger sister. She lives her life in the mountains, whereas her sister moved away some time ago. She wears an eskimo jacket and says very little.)
Line Up: Baniricchi Lv 36, Cloyster Lv 38, Froslass Lv 39
Badge: Crevasse Badge
Puzzle: The player, must use surf to push "icebergs" across the watery floor to create a path to the leader. Unlike other Ice gyms, the player themselves does not have to slide across any ice, but rather walks.

GYM 6 - Flying Type
Leader: Caine (A black man with a shaved head and goatee. He wears dark shades and a trench coat, but that belies his other position as a Priest in the local Temple of the Air.)
Line Up: Ninjask Lv 40, Crobat Lv 40, Archeos Lv 41, Gliscor Lv 42
Badge: Nimbus Badge
Puzzle: The player must traverse a maze-like floor over three rooms, the catch being that the floor is obscured by a deep fog up to waist height. The player may clear the fog by switching of the fog machines in each room.

GYM 7 - Dark Type
Leader: Luna (A girl in her late teens. She is dressed in a black skirt and jacket, with the collar obscuring her lower face. Her hair is styled like Abby in NCIS, and she wears black eyeliner.)
Line Up: Umbreon Lv 45, Mightyena Lv 46, Komatana Lv 46, Zoroark Lv 47
Badge: Void Badge
Puzzle: The gym has three floors designed like a prison dungeon. The player uses teleport pads to navigate the various hallways and cells in the gym, each floor down darker than the next.

GYM 8 - Steel Type
Leader: Orson (A gruff man with a black buzzcut and handlebar moustache. He wears a singlet top and camo pants, with a pair of mysterious dogtags around his neck. He is the supervisor of the local silver mine.)
Line Up: Probopass Lv 47, Steelix Lv 49, Gigigear Lv 49, Aggron Lv 50
Badge: Magnet Badge
Puzzle: The gym is an open roofed warehouse, packed with shipping containers. The player has to navigate the structure, while strategically activating a crane to move shipping containers impeding progress.

Next up: Elite 4 members
"It's a story that involves a windmill, 15 goats, a park bench and several robots." Serebii Joe to yours truly on how he got his insider contacts.

User Info: jimrichards

6 years ago#10
ELITE 4 - Bug Type
Member: Webber (A man in his fifties. His long brown hair and moustache are greying, as are his tye-dye shirt and flare pants. His big belt buckle, round glasses and peace fingers complete this hippy look.)
Line Up: Hahakomori, Yanmega, Heracross, Pinsir, Denchura
Room Decor: A soil floor covers the room with what appear to be anthills in various places. Mossy rocks and logs are placed near the walls and mushrooms are growing near them.

ELITE 4 - Poison Type
Member: Cid (A morbidly obese man who ties his ginger hair back into a greasy ponytail. His black pants are bursting at the seams and his purple shirt is stained with food and sweat.)
Line Up: Morobareru, Dasutodasu, Seviper, Swalot, Weezing
Room Decor: The floor is steel and laced with garbage spilling out of two large dumpsters on either side of the room. Several bins and bags of trash are stashed in the room as well.

ELITE 4 - Rock Type
Member: Georgina (A latino woman with curves. She flaunts herself in a tan tube top and white hot pants. Her black hair is about as long as Rihanna's in this image:
Line Up: Iwaparesu, Gigaiath, Armaldo, Aerodactyl, Kabutops
Room Decor: Large cliff faces form the walls of the room, with gemstones visible at some parts. Smaller mining equipment such as jackhammers are placed on the floor, and a pile of rocks is in one corner.

ELITE 4 - Ghost Type
Member: Blair (A platinum blond haired woman wearing a black and white dress. She also wears a black leather jacket on top with a red-eyed skull design on the front. Her nose is pierced.)
Line Up: Shanderaa, Dusknoir, Mismagius, Gengar, Drifblim
Room Decor: A stark white hospital themed room is splattered with grime. Hospital gurneys and straight-jackets can be found along the walls and floor. A light fog fills the room and occasionally the lights flicker.

Note: E4 parties are in no particular order and have no set levels, due to both the clever "choose your own order" system of BW, and the fact that I can't be bothered working it out.
"It's a story that involves a windmill, 15 goats, a park bench and several robots." Serebii Joe to yours truly on how he got his insider contacts.
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