Type Cycles

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User Info: bladekin99

6 years ago#1
As you know, there is more than just the Fire, Grass and Water type cycle as it has been proven already. These are the type cycles I have found:

Grass, Water, Fire
Bug, Grass, Rock
Water, Ground, Electric
Dark, Psychic, Fighting
Steel, Ice, Ground
Grass, Ground, Poison

As you can see, only 3 of them don't involve the original Grass, Water and Fire Types. I think Gamefreak should think about using a different type cycle for the starters.

User Info: EkulYenaved

6 years ago#2
Several of those aren't functional triangles, since one of the types is immune or non resistant to the other.

Grass doesn't resist Rock and Rock doesn't resist Bug, but Bug resists Grass.
Ground's immune to Electric but Water deals neutral damage to Electric and Water doesn't resist Ground.
Dark's immune to Psychic, not resistant.
Ice doesn't resist Ground. Ground doesn't resist Steel.

Grass/Ground/Poison works, and so does FIghting/Flying/Rock... but I'd sooner choose between Grass/Water/Fire than Grass/Ground/Poison or Fighting/Flying/Rock, personally.

User Info: the_dooky

6 years ago#3
There's a reason why the starters are Grass-Fire-Water beyond the fact that it's a functional triangle. The strengths and weaknesses of those types in relation to each other are intuitive: it's obvious why Fire would be weak to water, while it's less obvious that, say, Fighting would be weak to Flying, or Psychic would be weak to Ghost.

User Info: Asynch_

6 years ago#4
^ as well as fire/water/grass being widely recognized as classical elements, and fitting the 'primary colour' scheme of red, blue and green/yellow
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