What's a good Flying-type to use?

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User Info: superbabymario

6 years ago#1
I have most of my team planned out for when this game comes out, but I'm not sure which Flying-type I should use. Ideas?
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User Info: The_Dark_Thief

6 years ago#2
Dont know about you but I'm using Pidove.
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User Info: WrathOfGod72

6 years ago#3
I think I'm using Archeops myself. Just gotta keep its health above half. I WOULD use Braviary, but I hear he isn't available till almost Victory Road. Shame...
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User Info: CruxisInhibitor

6 years ago#4
Unfezant looks pretty BA, i might use it. Still don't wanna cement my team yet though, gonna see how it goes.
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User Info: ClassyOldHat

6 years ago#5
I would advise against Pidove; it's final evolution has decent attacking stats, but it can't put them to good use without TMs you aren't likely to get the first time through.

Swoobat is a little better, it has high speed and lots of move that can annoy opponents, but its attack aren't terribly strong, nor is it really durable. It still looks very fun to use despite this.

Sigilyph has good speed and special attack, a nice special attacking move-pool, neat abilities, and Hypnosis, which is helpful both in battles and in catching other Pokemon.

Archeops (The evolution of the wing fossil Pokemon), has absolutely devastating attack, special attack, and speed stats, as well as a wide selection of moves. Unfortunately, to compensate, its defenses are terrible and its ability will cut both its attack stats in half if its HP goes below half. In short, very powerful, but you have be careful with it.

Swanna learns Surf , and has good attack and special attack stats as well. It's not great, but if you need a Water type on your team.

Emolga has nice typing and good speed. On the downside, its attack stats are average, its defenses are worse, and it's rare enough that unless you go out of your way to find one, you'll likely only get one by trading with an NPC the first time through.

Bravairy has great attack, fine HP, a good physical move-pool, average speed and defenses, but isn't available until around the last gym/before the Elite Four. Also, he's a White exclusive, so if you're getting Black, you'd have to get somebody to trade you one.

Mandibuzz has interesting typing and amazing defenses, but poor attack, and like Bravairy, she's not available until late in the game. Defensive Pokemon are hard to use right outside of the Battle Subway and Player vs. Player matches though, so I wouldn't recommend her for the first playthrough anyway. Also, she's a Black exclusive, so if you're getting White, you'd have to get somebody to trade you one.

If you've got the patience of a saint, after all the gym leaders have been beaten, you can pursue the fleeing legendary of your version, both of which are flying type, and both of which are quite strong.

User Info: CanyouGuess

6 years ago#6
I'd probably recommend Sigilyph. Found rather early, is consistently good through the whole game, and learns some good STAB moves. Plus, one of the coolest looking Pokemon this gen. I'm certainly going to use it at least.

User Info: Fallen0nMyHead0

6 years ago#7
Pidove sucks, swoobat sucks,archeop sucks, emolga sucks and it doesn't learn fly, so now it REALLY sucks, braviary, mandibuzz, swanna, and sigilyph are the only good flying types. braviary, and sigilyph are your best bet. i'm using the black and white exclusives, respectively.

User Info: trutenor

6 years ago#8
Archeops if you can manage to keep your health above 50%, otherwise go with Braviary.

I tried Unfeazant in my Black game, and it dissapointed me. It's stats say physical attacker, but almost every move that it learns are special attacks.

If you need a HM slave, then Swanna is the best since it can also learn Surf, Waterfall, and Dive.

User Info: SolarStrider

6 years ago#9
Archeops is pretty BA, you just have to make sure that you can kill whatever it's facing without getting hit.

User Info: summerclaw

6 years ago#10
If you can trade Togekiss is very good.
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