Most viable monotype team?

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User Info: Missiletainn

6 years ago#1
It's gotta be Water, right? There's gotta be a half of just about every combination at this point, and I personally find Scald to be one of the most useful and utilitarian Water-type attacks yet.
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User Info: ellis123

6 years ago#2
Steel type or Dragon type.
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User Info: kirbydude385

6 years ago#3
steel, dragon, or ghost
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User Info: ViewtifulGene

6 years ago#4
You'll be playing a good chunk of the game without a real team I you go with all Steel or Dragon.

Water is generally the easiest single-type. Water/Ground types are a dime a dozen, and you have easy access to Ice attacks for Grass types.
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User Info: waijie

6 years ago#5
well ingame, any monotype team would be plausible.
I finished it with a mono-normal team.


User Info: terrareus

6 years ago#6
Dark, Normal or Dragon I'd say. Ground is pretty good too.
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User Info: alotor

6 years ago#7
With only 5th generation poke you can make a very decent Dark-only team

Krookodile - Dark/Ground
Scrafty - Dark/Fight
Zoroark - Dark
Bisharp - Dark/Steel
Mandibuzz - Dark/Flying
Hydreigon - Dark/Dragon

But good luck with a fighting only trainer

User Info: a_lil_monster

6 years ago#8
I've had a lot of success in the past with mono-fighting, and the addition of Scrafty makes it even more viable (due to the immunity to psychic, which was the bane of my original mono-fighting team).
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User Info: Lord_Muhznit

6 years ago#9
Mostly because of how Tyranitar + Lv. 1 Aron wrecks nearly everything.
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