Archen and Litwick nicknames???

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User Info: OJwithpulp

6 years ago#1
I need help deciding nicknames for those two, any help??
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User Info: FullmetalChild

6 years ago#2
I nicknamed my Litwick Candlejack for obvious rea
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User Info: jon0592

6 years ago#3
Wow, that's pretty unoriginal, why don't yo
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User Info: airshippilot911

6 years ago#4
Wow, that's pretty unoriginal, why don't yo

Way to do it wrong.
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User Info: gotohades

6 years ago#5
whats the character limit?

litwick- candleabra, libra

archen- dodo, quetzacotl

I'm well aware that some of these spellings are wrong so don't bash on me for's just i think the limit is 10 so thats what im going with
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User Info: guwa

6 years ago#6
I named my two Archeops and Chandelure respectively.
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User Info: TwilightOrochi

6 years ago#7
Litwick = Lumiére
Archen = Fallen (Ancient Pokemon that couldn't fly so it died lol)
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