I am going to hate Sawk until I catch it

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User Info: Samp98518

6 years ago#1
Currently in Pinwheel Forest and trying to catch Sawk. I have encountered Sawk four times. The first in my first double battle where it was KO'd, but I got Timber (or however you spell it) so it was ok. The second I learned to not use Leach Seed when trying to catch Pokemon. Reset due to wasted balls. The third was in a double where I literally threw three Great Balls, my one Dusk Ball, and around five Pokeballs at it. Reset after it literally KO'd my whole team. The fourth one the same thing as the third attempt happened. Accept it was in a double battle where the game decided to be a real b**** and have two Sawks at one. I reset once I had thrown my good balls and a few pokeballs. I also went through around 20 battles in that area trying to find it. Anybody have any tips for catching it? I only have acsess to Great Balls and Pokeballs as far as buying goes right now, and a Dusk ball if it is night. But even at one or two HP, a Dusk ball still wouldn't get it.
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User Info: Keybored123

6 years ago#2
black or white ?

I have Black and he was pretty easy to catch

User Info: stopjaywalking

6 years ago#3
I have Black too... but really the best way to catch any Pokemon, especially if you severely out level them, is throw out a Munna or Patrat or whatever with Hypnosis, use it, great ball, win. At least up to that point in the game, which is where I am.

User Info: Strain42

6 years ago#4
That's how I felt about Throh.

I was actually able to catch one much sooner than I was expecting to (playing Black)
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User Info: AzaneAzer

6 years ago#5
do you have a thunderwave by then? Paralyze really helps

User Info: pkmnpkmn

6 years ago#6
I did too until I accidently ran into a shaking patch and found throh...

User Info: scuura

6 years ago#7
Yep, I caught both Throh and Sawk by Munna's yawn and a regular pokeball. Disliked Throh but loved Sawk, and used him until the sixth gym, whereupon he was replaced by an awesome Excadrill.
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User Info: Shadow2Life

6 years ago#8
Playing Black:

- Really? I caught my Sawk without even obtaining or distributing damage..
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User Info: siegeshot

6 years ago#9
First time I saw Sawk was in a double battle also, he KO'd 5 of my Pokemon until I finally got the other one down and ... man it was close. He is impressively tough!
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User Info: TyrantKnight

6 years ago#10
If I remember correctly, Sawk is more common in Black and can be found in normal grass while Throh is rare can can only be found in shaking grass. I assume it's the opposite in White.
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  3. I am going to hate Sawk until I catch it

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