Which is better? The Cover or the Plume Fossil?

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User Info: Marocksas

6 years ago#1
Just like to know

User Info: pkmnpkmn

6 years ago#2

User Info: Kirbydamasta

6 years ago#3
Unleash the heavy lobster!

User Info: Solowooper

6 years ago#4
Have a water type?
Yes: Plume
No: Cover
I can't read

User Info: Mastadi

6 years ago#5
cover is still pretty good ;_;
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User Info: NotetoSelf13

6 years ago#6
Cover gives you a Water/Rock type, and the Plume gives you a Rock/Flying, I'm pretty sure atleast. I picked Cover. Its a sea turtle fella and hes really powerful, but really slow. The other one is really strong but has an awful ability.
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User Info: Grand_Superior

6 years ago#7
Plume Fossil makes a pokemon that's great in-game, and the Cover Fossil makes a pokemon that is better for competitive. Take your pick.
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User Info: EzraGenesis

6 years ago#8
Everyone is gonna say Plume because Archeops+Acrobatics= instant win
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User Info: OmniMidKnight

6 years ago#9
i picked up the cover and never looked back...
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User Info: jonoabbo

6 years ago#10
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