What is the best bird Pokemon in White?

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User Info: Riggs55

6 years ago#1
I always have a bird type Pokemon trained high in level, but Unfezant is just not very good I feel. I have it up to level 55 and I just have to believe that there is a better bird Pokemon in this game so is there a better bird Pokemon for me to train or is that the best one in the game?

User Info: Jrasantos

6 years ago#2
I'm always the last person to post in a boring thread.

User Info: DarkYakumo

6 years ago#3
I dun like the birds here much but my fav is Wargle. Still love my Pidgeot, however. lol
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User Info: jadefw

6 years ago#4
bird type?
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User Info: MogKnightAzure

6 years ago#5
bird type?

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User Info: -NinjaWarrior-

6 years ago#6
Missingno comes to mind.

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User Info: Irvine Tomoe

Irvine Tomoe
6 years ago#7
Braviary. Archeops isn't bad either, but he is kind of the opposite. Braviary can tank a bit, pretty well for a flying type. Archeops is a glass cannon; this is reinforced by his horrendous ability. But he does terrible, terrible damage.
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