should i use krookodile or scrafty

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User Info: zanzan412

6 years ago#1
should i use krookodile or scrafty i like that they both have moxie and are dark. krookodile is over all pretty good statwise and scrafty is slow but doesn't really need alot of speed with his defence and sp defence

User Info: droberts753

6 years ago#2
Personally, I'd go with Krookodile.
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User Info: Gameninja521

6 years ago#3
Krookodile...he beasts against the E4

User Info: How2BCool101

6 years ago#4

User Info: randomjunk23

6 years ago#5
Krookodile has won me soo many battles.

Scrafty is bad. IMO

User Info: _Wargle_

6 years ago#6
Choose whoever you think looks better, they both work for ingame.

User Info: redblade135

6 years ago#7

User Info: MasterOtenko

6 years ago#8
Krookodile is better for offense and has a great STAB combo. It's the ideal in-game Pokemon.
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User Info: TallWhiteNinja

6 years ago#9
Krookodile is pretty awesome.
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User Info: InferNgo

6 years ago#10
Scrafty-saved my rear so many times, but it's really your choice
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