"Oh! Did you come to see Cynthia in her bathing suit?"

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User Info: pormogo

6 years ago#1
GT: underworld toad

User Info: Metleon

6 years ago#2
Too bad she's never there in the summer and it's too cold the rest of the year.

User Info: Jackie_Chandler

6 years ago#3
Pfffft. I came to see Cynthia WITHOUT her bathing suit. *Wink wink*
XBL: Jackie Chandler | PSN: Jackie_Chandler
Pokemon White: 4255-2866-2274

User Info: NewPokeTrainer

6 years ago#4
I won't say it but its pretty cold where I live right now, snowing in spring so it actually makes it one of the coldest days in the year.....so I won't be going to see Cynthia in a bikini, at least until it warms up.
Black FC:1463 5803 8530

User Info: Chaos Genesis

Chaos Genesis
6 years ago#5
That it's a girl saying it, coupled with the fact that only the female gym leaders and E4 members come to visit her, make me convinced that GF wants us all to think that either Cynthia swings that way or that she has the magical power to make women fall for her.
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User Info: pokedude900

6 years ago#6
At NewPokeTrainer: New York? Similar story for me.
"Only 2 things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former"-Albert Einstein; see my quote for discussion of both

User Info: pormogo

6 years ago#7
She's not there in the summer?

Bummer.. Oh well, I got two more months.
GT: underworld toad
(message deleted)

User Info: Hulkkis

6 years ago#9
goodbye to this topic now.
"South-Korea is the only nation whose national sport has a sequel."
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