Random WiFi battles are horrible

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User Info: Golgamex123

6 years ago#1
i got pwned by 3 lvl 1's all shiny -_-

heres how it went down-- My team consisted of Zoroark,Gengar and Galvantula

His team was Lvl 1 Hippopotas,Aron and Magnemite

Hippo came out first and had sand stream and a focus sash. I sent out Galvantula and used energy ball. It goes down to 1 hp and then uses Stealth Rock. it used protect to stall me out because of the Sandstorm. I then KOed it.

next was Aron. I went first and used energy ball (i was scarfed) and it went down to 1 HP because of Sturdy. It then ate an Oran Berry, which went back to full health. i then brought it back down to 1 hp and it used a move that almost killed me (idk what it was). In between of all his moves he used Protect to stall me. I eventually died from the sandstorm.

I sent out Zoroark disguised as Gengar. He promptly switched out to Magnemite. (This is when it really got me angry) He went first and used Protect. I used energy ball and it went down to 1HP because of sturdy AGAIN!! He then ate an Oran berry and went back to full HP. I used energy ball again, then it used RECYCLE got the oran berry back and ate it so it was back to Full HP. This was followed by an endless cycle of Protect/Recycle and my Zoroark dies from the Sandstorm

I send out my Gengar to use Hypnosis. It hits it and it falls asleep. I could now finally KO it. I used shadow ball and it went down to 1 HP....it wakes up and uses Recycle once again ;_; I thought i could put it back to sleep again as i picked hypnosis again...It used Magic Coat and put me to sleep >:( I then D/C'd..

It was the worst game ive ever played and i never want to see another lvl 1 on randoms ever again

until i played another game. The guy had a lvl 1 Whimiscott out first and it had a focus sash, used leech seed got full health, subbed then i D/C'd again

i hate online with a passion now

i got pwned 2 times in a row by lvl 1s
Black FC: 1936-0019-9875

User Info: XGreatKing

6 years ago#2
Uh, yeah. You didn't have any rock/ground/steel types against the obvious sandstorm/endeavor team. What did you expect to happen?
If you eat like a noob, you will be owned like a noob
~Legendary Hippo~

User Info: Golgamex123

6 years ago#3
funn thing is i was GOING to pick Donphan

/sad face
Black FC: 1936-0019-9875

User Info: trutenor

6 years ago#4
For random wi-fi battles, it is always a good idea to pack someone with priority moves and/or someone who has immunity in sandstorm. Someone with mold breaker also helps.
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User Info: imdawinner

6 years ago#5
That's actually a pretty good strategy...
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User Info: untrustful

6 years ago#6
why u dc?
"Let me point something out...he could trust untrustful."~MojoMujari
"...darn, you're right..."~untrustful

User Info: Hornezz

6 years ago#7
Random Wi-Fi is horrible because people are sore losers and D/C whenever they face a good opponent.
In dentibus anticis frustrum magnum spiniciae habes.

User Info: EtoRanger

6 years ago#8
Hornezz posted...
Random Wi-Fi is horrible because people are sore losers and D/C whenever they face a good opponent.

Rotation Battlers are usually better about this from my experience,speaking of which Rotation Battles are underrated.
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User Info: ryuksapple

6 years ago#9
You get outsmarted, so you rage quit?
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User Info: blacktepez

6 years ago#10
i got owned by a shiny infernape or whatever that thing name is.... i rly hate when losers use hacked pkmns to win a battle
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