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User Info: jankuser

6 years ago#1
I heard nintendo made it so people cant play online with hacked pokemon from action replay, is this true? It would be nice to play with legit folks unlike last generation...

User Info: brandedboy

6 years ago#2
Explain my legit hacked pokemon online then.
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User Info: i_liek_mudkips

6 years ago#3
If nintendo could stop hackers, they would'va by now.
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User Info: seth_sage12300

6 years ago#4
You can play with hacked pokemon, as long as they look legit, so they can get perfect IVs in inutes while other spend hours.
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User Info: untrustful

6 years ago#5
They can stop SOME outrageous hacks, legal hacks can get through just fine if you're not stupid enough to put poke data into a pokemon that doesn't make sense.
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User Info: mega_spit

6 years ago#6
I only saw one hacker, but all he did was have all of his pokemon in masterballs. I haven't fought anyone who actually used illegal hacks yet. But, I do play at hours when only Japanese people are on, usually. Maybe it's not as common over there...

User Info: Phoenicopter

6 years ago#7
legit hacked

I'll let it go, because you mean "legal hacked".
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