Haxorus or Garchomp?

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User Info: iWub_SQuiRtlEz

6 years ago#1
If haxorus what moveset do you guys recommend? I was think something along the lines of:

Haxorus@ Life Orb
252 ATK/252SPD/6HP


Haxorus@ Choice Scarf
252 ATK/252SPD/6HP
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User Info: _Wargle_

6 years ago#2
_______ or Garchomp?

the answer is Garchomp.

User Info: mb257

6 years ago#3

Im too cool for a sig..ooh I see a contradiction

User Info: Yamata_Demon

6 years ago#4
I stopped reading at Rivalry.

User Info: mlowe45

6 years ago#5
is this for fun? then use Hax but if you want to survive in the compettive world i'd stay far away from old Haxy there Chomp is an animal come on
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User Info: T3hn00bn3ss

6 years ago#6


Moving on..
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User Info: Herospree

6 years ago#7
TC, all it takes is for you to encounter a female trainer and you using hax alone with rivalry and your screwed
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User Info: M1Astray

6 years ago#8
Garchomp, Haxorus is just a slow Salamence or a frail Dragonite (take your pick), so the question should be "Salamence, Dragonite, or Garchomp?"

Gen 5 has some of the worst Dragons to date, Drudgion taking the prize, with Haxorus coming second.
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