Can you breed move tutor moves?

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User Info: Akubarix

6 years ago#1
Example: Scyther with bug bite. Can I bread it in pokemon black for a new Scyther with it? Or am I completely screwed on getting this move this gen?
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User Info: Mikey_R

6 years ago#2
If it is an egg move you can breed it.

If it is solely a move tutor move then you cannot breed it down onto an egg.
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User Info: OldDirtyCR

6 years ago#3
Do you breeding on gen 4 for moves like this. Once you get the scyther you want you give it the move tutor move and send it over.

This is just like with Salamence. It can learn Outrage in platinum move tutor but no where else and it isn't breedable so you have to get a good salamence in platinum and then teach it outrage.
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