Is Blaze Blaziken uber as well?

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  3. Is Blaze Blaziken uber as well?

User Info: Leader_Z

6 years ago#1
Smogon says that Speed Boost Blaziken is uber, but what about Blaze?
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User Info: st_midgetman

6 years ago#2
Yes. Do not question it further.
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User Info: Girolle

6 years ago#3
I believe blaziken as a whole is banned. Lol I just defeated one on wifi. Their trick room reuniclus+SB blaziken = I win.

User Info: Roc_Raida

6 years ago#4
Both are banned.

Why? Because they don't want any complex bans.

Think about like this, should we allow Mewtwo to OU if his only moves that he's allowed to use are Confusion, Water Pulse, Shock Wave, Incinerate or something?

When does it stop?

User Info: businessguy1031

6 years ago#5
Blaziken isn't that broken, which is why it's UU. So no, blaze blaziken isn't uber nor would it ever be uber. Speed Boost JUST makes it go up one tier, but that's it. Seriously, does anybody know what the move Psychic is?
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User Info: Wildfire1313

6 years ago#6
I know right smogon doesn't know what the move psychic is what a bunch of smorons

and smogon and nintendo both don't know what ICE BEAMS is which is why they both banned Rayquaza, what a bunch of smorons

User Info: MrNewblet

6 years ago#7
ikr unban garchomp cuz antyging with ice beam doesnt fear of him rite guyz

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User Info: SunO0

6 years ago#8
Too be fair, banning a certain ability + Pokemon combo is nowhere as "complex" as limiting a powerful Pokemon to weak moves. Unlike moves, a certain Pokemon's ability is a permanent part of it. It's even more "permament" than alternate formes, which for the most part can be switched on and off on the same Pokemon.

Why must Blaze Blaziken be banned if Shayman Land forme isn't? A SHaymin can freely switch from non-uber to uber. Meanwhile, a Blaze Blaziken can never become uber.

User Info: ThatGuyZ

6 years ago#9
^It's Smogon: you're not gonna get far trying to argue with them and their 1million+ drones...
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User Info: DigiDude77

6 years ago#10
People are overanalyzing.

PokemonOnline is simply not complex enough to ban abilities + pokemon.

So, they either had to ban speed boost, or ban blaziken. They opted for Blaziken, to spare Yanmega, Ninjask, etc.
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  3. Is Blaze Blaziken uber as well?

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