Pokemon Showdown: A new simulator made by aesoft.

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User Info: AfroThunderRule

5 years ago#1
You know the guy who brought you this : http://pokemon.aesoft.org/

Currently it's on private beta, but he's looking to release it next week.

This is what this sim has over PO

Here are what I already have over PO:

* Animations: You've seen my replay viewer. Those are the animations in PS. Enough said.
* Reconnect: If you get disconnected from battle, PS allows you to reconnect easily.
* Adaptive UI: Resize the window to be as big or as small as you want, and the UI will adjust itself to fit it.
* Truly cross-platform: In addition to Windows, Mac OS X, and Android, PS also supports Linux, iOS, and pretty much any other platform you can think of. Its mobile client is the real thing, too - not watered-down like PO's Android client.
* Better teambuilder: PS's teambuilder is designed to make teambuilding as fast as possible, whether you prefer keyboard or mouse. The screenshots should show how it does what it does.
* Easy moddability: PS's mod format makes it easy to implement your own moves, abilities, items, and pokemon. CAP and streetmons are already implemented.
* Better UI: PS won't close the battle window just because another player closed it. Spectating a battle gives you the full log, not just from the point you started watching. Its team chooser is built into the challenge window. Its teambuilder is sized so you can chat in the lobby and build a team at the same time. Its move description tooltips stay out of the way of the move buttons.
* Accuracy: PS is designed from the ground up to have an event model and graphics system as close to the games as possible. Examples of things PS gets right that PO doesn't include: Zoroark's Illusion ability, gen 5 Custap Berry effect.

I might be forgetting a few things, and I have a lot more improvements planned, but these are the ones I thought of that I have done so far.

Source: http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3456052

Seems fun. :O
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User Info: SnakeSnipe1

5 years ago#2
Seem's nice.

User Info: -hotdogturtle--

5 years ago#3

Never expected a 4th simulator to come out...
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User Info: Crazyhax

5 years ago#4
Nice, it does look a lot better than PO.
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User Info: EmptyStar12

5 years ago#5
...Thundershock is illegal?
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User Info: Saintpara

5 years ago#6
Ohhh man... competition up in here. It looks good so far, im definitly gonna have to hook this up. Will it be possible to import teams from PO's format to PS or will we need to manually re-enter them?
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User Info: fire_starter05

5 years ago#7
Maybe with this I'll actually start competitive play.

User Info: Mystery_Cooper

5 years ago#8

From: EmptyStar12 | #005
...Thundershock is illegal?

...On Dragonite.
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User Info: prog1thefencer

5 years ago#9
I'll definitely download this, I'm sick of running wine on my laptop
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User Info: GameGuy_5318

5 years ago#10
Can't wait, looks cool.
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