Building a Hail Team! Need Some Help Though...

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User Info: CaptainNikolai

5 years ago#1
I wanted to initially build a Sunny Day team, but I don't know if Drought Ninetales has been released in the Dream World and if it's still there if it has, and I'd rather not use Groudon (I would like to do proper EV training WITHOUT Poke'saving). As well, Sunny Day teams are a tad overused at this point anyway. So I'd like to experiment with a Hail team.

I know I want Abomasnow as my lead to set up Snow Warning, and throw in perhaps a few Pokemon with Snow Cloak or Ice Body (Walrein and Froslass come to mind). Any suggestions though, for perhaps any non Ice types to help support the team (Leftovers recovery to negate Hail damage)? I prefer not to go with legendaries on this team. Trying to experiment here, since I don't see many Hail teams compared to the other weather elements.
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User Info: QualiT

5 years ago#2
Hail is very potent in UU but if you arent playing competitively then I still suggest pokemon like;

scarf Rotom fridge
Xatu with magic bounce
Arcanine/flash fire pokemon

and yes Drought ninetails is released.
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User Info: _KGC_

5 years ago#3
No legends? So no Kyurem or Heatran? :(
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User Info: CaptainNikolai

5 years ago#4
This team probably won't be competitive, as I've never done competitive battling before. But I would like to do the EV training and so forth and not use Poke'sav (getting perfect IVs and the like). This is mostly just for battling irl friends, and depending on the success of them team, perhaps I may take it online.
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User Info: tdabram

5 years ago#5
I'm going to go under the assumption that you are making this for OU.

First off, a common misconception is that hail teams have to be All ice types. This is not true. While You do want a majority of your team to be immune to the hail there are some abilities, such as magic guard or overcoat, that allow your pokemon to be immune. Because of this, Alakazam and Reuniclus are both very good options.

You will also want something that can resist the moves that hit ice types super effectively. Heatran is a nice option here because his ability, Flash Fire, makes him immune to fire type attacks, and his typing makes him resist steel and he is also neutral to rock type attacks.For a fighting resist, you have the affore-mentioned Alakazam and Reuniclus, as well as the Ghost/Ice type Frosslass, which is immune. That should cover good defensive type coverage.

Ice types that you use should depend on what type of hail team you are using. If you are using Hailstall then Walrein is going to be your main pokemon, if you want to make an offensive hail team then you should use powerful attackers such as Kyurem and Mamoswine. On all of your Special attacking pokemon, you should make sure to run Blizzard, because it has pefect accuracy in hail.

Regarding Hazards, you want something on you team that can set up Stealth Rocks, Mamoswine is a good option for this, as is Heatran. Frosslass can set up Spikes reliably, and if you are running a Hailstall team, then toxic spikes is a must. I've seen many different pokemon used for toxic spikes, but the most common I've seen are forrestress and Tentacruel, on OU hail teams.

As for your opponents hazards, a portion of your team will be weak to Stealth rocks, so a Rapid Spinner or Magic Bouncer is important. For a rapid spinner, a good option is Starmie, because it can also run Blizzard and has great offensive power. Espeon is the best Magic Bouncer is OU, but Xatu can be used if you prefer a x4 fighting resistance to help offset your figthing weaknesses.

I think I've covered everything important here, just remember that you need to keep a spot open for Abomasnow.
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User Info: QualiT

5 years ago#6
the idea is that hail teams hate rock/fire/fighting/Steel moves so stacking up on pokemon who can help aborb those hits is key;

Nidoqueeen/tentacruel offers steel/fighting resists, whilst being able too lay toxic spikes, tentacruel offers a fire resist as well.

Jellicent can sponge fire and steel moves, threatening fire mons with a STAB water move and steel/fighting mons fear burn from scald, although doubling up on electric weakness's with tentacruel is unadvisable so i'd go qith nidoqueen.

Magnezone can trap steel types with magnet pull and swiftly eliminate them with a hidden power fire.Thunderbolt.

on the ice side we have;

Abomnasnow, who is automatically given a slot for perma hail.

frosslass can support your team with spikes, if you choose and offer paralysis support.

Mamoswine is a huge physical attacker, with access to STAB Earthquake too punish steels and slower fire pokemon, whislt also bringing an electric immunity to the team.

Glaceon can spam blizzards from a base 130SPA with specs attached, thats scary.

Rotom fridge has access to the infamous BoltBeam combo which can wreck alot of teams unprepared for it

these are just some ideas though.
All Things Require Sacrifice.

User Info: CaptainNikolai

5 years ago#7
All great ideas, thank you! I think I finalized a list of what my team will look like. Now I just got to figure out natures and movesets. Thanks again!
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User Info: spartalaughs

5 years ago#8
I HIGHLY recommend Walrein and Nidoqueen.
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User Info: CaptainNikolai

5 years ago#9
Just looked at Nidoqueen, and the idea of a Sheer Force-supported Blizzard attack really interests me! As well, with Nidoqueen being my Toxic Spikes user (she'll definitely make friends with my Froslass, who will be setting up Spikes), I can sub out Tentacruel and throw in Starmie as my Special Sweeper (I've been undecided on a 6th, but replacing Tentacruel with Nidoqueen will help me confirm Starmie as a 6th [also takes Tentacruel's job as the team Rapid Spinner).

Is Sheer Force Nidoqueen available on the Dream World? If not, I'm going to have to throw in Tentacruel instead and ponder over a 6th Pokemon...
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User Info: philcheesesteak

5 years ago#10
DW Nidoqueen is available. So is Nidoking, if you want more "oomph" in the attacking department. They have the same movepool, but they're built differently.

I know you have your team already, but if you do want to make a change, Slowbro is the way to go. With access to Hail, reliable recovery, and a Fighting, Fire, and Steel resist, along with great defense stat and healing through Regenerator (Its released Dream World ability), it can make a great surprise weather inducer. It helps deal with weather wars, too.

Trust me on this: having another weather inducer can make the difference between a win and a loss. It will definitely help if you add it. If you don't, your team will function great, but if you do, it will function AMAZING!!!! (b^^)b
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