Pokemon Hydrogen and Pokemon Lithium?

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User Info: atrombatore

7 years ago#11
This topic pleases me, as I am a science teacher.Bit I think pokemon acid and pokemon base will come out, followed by pokemon neutral salt
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User Info: TimmyPanda

7 years ago#12
I think pokemon acid and pokemon base will come out, followed by pokemon neutral salt


User Info: JablesX

7 years ago#13
Well Gold and Silver are elements, but the games are based off the metals
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User Info: PerfectHeadshot

7 years ago#14
Posted 5/14/2010 6:11:08 PM
Well Gold and Silver are elements, but the games are based off the metals

Pokemon Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Black and White are colors, therefore your statement is null.
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User Info: TiwazTyrsfist

7 years ago#15
Future Pokemon games.

Pokemon Purple & Pokemon Orange
Pokemon Stripes & Pokemon Polkadots
Pokemon Tartan & Pokemon BLACKWATCH PLAID
Pokemon Fish & Pokemon Chips
Pokemon Bacon & Pokemon Tomato
Pokemon Slacks & Pokemon Shirt (third version Pokemon Hat)
Pokemon Coke & Pokemon Pepsi (Pokemon RC Cola sold poorly and was discontinued)
Pokemon Sock & Pokemon Shoe
Pokemon Octarine & Pokemon Golden-Blue
Pokemon Puce & Pokemon Fuschia

And the final entries in the franchise
Pokemon Beige & Pokemon Grey

User Info: gamermasterwiz

7 years ago#16
I want Pokemon Topaz and Pokemon Amethyst!

User Info: Byuusetsu

7 years ago#17
Pokemon Creamsicle and Pokemon Fudgesicle.
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User Info: kiaghi7

7 years ago#18
Pokemon: SSDD

no more releasing two titles pretending like they are significantly different, Nintendo just decides to be completely obvious with their latest entirely phoned-in sequel.

The game still has battles that would look dated on the Nintendo Entertainment System, but the isometric overhead perspective in the travel component of the game has 1% more eye candy than was typically possible on the Atari Lynx if it had been dropped down a flight of stairs... In the Burj Khalifa...

Don't get me wrong, I've played the Pokemon games just the same, and continue to put up with the prehistoric and generally mind-numbing battle system of the game(s), but it's time for two huge and VERY necessary improvements:

1) First off, no more of the stupid "four abilities" nonsense. RPG combat menus have been around since the beginning, and yet some thirty years on now, Nintendo/Gamefreaks haven't figured out how to either allow players to scroll through a menu, or *GASP* put more than four colored blocks on a screen for you to pick amongst!?!

Really? Four?

Anyone that knows anything about programming knows it would be incredibly easy for the programmers to have a -VERY- simple array assigned to individual pokemon that took hardly a matter of bytes in order to store every possible move they could ever learn simultaneously. When talking about a very possibly 256MB game cartridge, the memory usage is profoundly insignificant. Back in the 8bit gameboy days it was tolerable, but times have changed and the game needs to finally catch up.

2) For heavens sake, combat grounds need to be more than a colored backdrop and attacks need to be more than a tiny shift forward and then "elements" moving (at best!). Each pokemon can have some simple movement animations and poses for different attacks and situations. More over, they can make CONTACT for once rather than shadow-boxing. As for the environments, simple backdrops, even if they are re-hashed just as much as the completely blah ones we're stuck with already, would go a long way to making battles more tolerable.

Above and beyond appearances however is functional effects. If you fight in a grassy area, grass types should get a buff. Fight in the water and water types get their own benefits, and so on and so forth. Just the opposite, those at a disadvantage in such places would therefore be debuffed on one way or another.

The game keeps returning in sequels, but the game play hasn't really evolved with the hardware or even tried to keep pace with the times.
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