Porygon 3?

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User Info: ajemison3

7 years ago#1
Think about it, There was the evolution by trading w/ upgrade with data produced by Porygon's creator Shilph co. into Porygon2,which had sort of balanced stats. Then by trading with the dubious disc produced by an unknown producer Porygon2 became a the very erratic Porygon-Z which has higher offensive stats then lacks in terms of defense.I think that since this game is in the future Silph Co. should have been able to produce some new data packets to further advance this very unique pokemon. They could even add a new item to "debug" Porygon-Z and make him the balanced Porygon3 I've been waiting for. Also Silph co. could have gone the epic games path and given out licensing rights to other companies to produce and develop other forms of Porygon after seeing how popular Porygon-Z came to be. That way there could be Porygon with heightened speed or heightened defensive capabilities to mimic the transformations of Deoxys but because of the companies greed they produce the Porygon so that they are marked to only be compatible with the specific company data. And that could be a another reason why N would want to separate Pokemon from humans. But before i go on anymore of a ramble i really want to see a new Porygon!

User Info: A_Dry_Bone

7 years ago#2
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User Info: Elec Man EXE

Elec Man EXE
7 years ago#3
I'd much rather have them make a new cyber-pokemon than keep adding evolution on evolution for Porygon.
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User Info: Lost_Seraph09

7 years ago#4
So you have to gather 9999 coins, get an upgrade, trade it, get a dubious disc, trade it, get another rare item, then trade it again, just to get a normal pokemon? If it's not arceus then no.

User Info: blaziken9190

7 years ago#5
I agree on an alt-evolution for Porygon2.
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User Info: ajemison3

7 years ago#6
I'm not asking for all of these at once but i would also go for a "debugged" evolution of porygon2 that is balanced and can also be used competitively. And the thing about companies' porygon's could be like you buy a company-colored porygon with a move that reflects the nature of company that is not in porrygon's move set. this exploitation of porygon could also be a reason why the rival N would want to separate Pokemon from humans

User Info: Xavier_On_High

7 years ago#7
Or perhaps Silph Co. developed a bug in the much hyped upgrade that was later known as the "dubious disk" on purpose, so that the resultant flawed and apparently dangerous Porygon-Zs would require their owners to buy further upgrades to fix them, But what sort of company would operate in such a shady manner? =P

I'd love more forms of Porygon. It's a Pokemon with so much potential.
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User Info: ajemison3

7 years ago#8
that could replace the way i had thought of a companies exploitation of pokemon.

User Info: shauwk

7 years ago#9
I love Porygon, and currently use a Porygon-Z so it sounds like a great idea.
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User Info: dedekong

7 years ago#10
I'll sacrifice some offensive pwr for more speed

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