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User Info: Nekoakuma

6 years ago#1
This is just a collection of information from other threads and (sort of) sorted out.

Pokemon Global Link, DreamWorld and HighLink will be noted as PGL, DW, HL respecitively.

Connecting to the DreamWorld
-PGL account synced to your game. [There are guides on this. If anyone has a link for it that'd be helpful]
-Sleeping Pokemon [Done via C-Gear in game]
-National Dex [Unconfirmed. Some people had problems with DW. If you haven't beaten E4 for the first time, try get on DW and post what happens]

With all that done go to the PGL website and login.
From there, you can see a Blue Pokeball. Click that to go to the DW.
You will meet Professor Makomo [i think it was] who will go through the tutorial and explain features for you.
After reading or skipping the tutorial you are free to go through the DW as you please.

Can't Connect to DW/Troubleshooting
If you can read Japanese, here's a better version http://www.pokemon.co.jp/info/2010/10/at101007_01.html

A. If you see the pop-up in the first picture in the link it's saying that the servers are busy and you are unable to connect at the moment. The LEFT button closes the dialogue, the RIGHT button wakes up your Pokemon.

B. Very rarely you may get an unexpected error. Try relogging into your account (actually type ID and password) or switch browsers.

C. The bottom right of the PGL site has a link to a DW Server Status. Check it if you can't connect.
O = Good
^ = Busy
X = Full

Important Information
-You may only put a pokemon to sleep ONCE per day.
-You have a maximum of 1 hour in the DW each day. You cannot split the hour into 30mins and 30mins.
-You can only bring back one Pokemon a day from DW.
-Make sure you properly exit the DW and don't just close the browser as some data may not be saved.

When your 1 hour is up you will be given a message and it has 3 options (cf: 3rd last picture in link above)
From L->R:
"Wake Pokemon Up and End"
"End without waking up"

When you finish the DW you will be given a message as to when you can connect next. [ie; 24 hours later.]

Don't post yet. Continuing writing.
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User Info: Nekoakuma

6 years ago#2
Interacting with the DW

Interacting with the DW is done by clicking various items or arrows that appear on screen. Your sleeping pokemon will appear in the DW and you can click on it (and other pokemon you meet) for more information.


-Starting Area.
-Welcome Mat may be changed.
-Click on the door to go inside your house.

Inside House
The inside of your house is pretty bare at the start.
-Book on the table is the Shop Catalogue to purchase new items for your house. Payment is made in berries.
-The FRIEND BOARD is important. Friends you make in the DW will show on this board, and can then be marked so that they will appear in HL for you to catch.
-Treasure Chest : Allows you to send berries/items to your game.

Berry Stand (Right from house I think)
You can place Berries here for friends to take/trade. PGL/DW friends are those that you have in your PalPad.

Planting Fields (Left from house)
Easy enough to work. Plant berries and water them.

Friend Area (I'm not sure where this is, but it should be there somewhere)
You can visit your friends houses.

Rainbow Path
This leads to Dream Isle where you can befriend pokemon and find more berries.

Dream Isle
You may find pokemon in different areas throughout the DW.
If you see a shaking tree or bush click on it to make the pokemon appear.
If you find a shiny patch, click on it to get a berry or an item.

Befriending Pokemon
When you encounter Pokemon in the DW they will want to play a game with you. (more on that below)
The games seem similar to that in PokePark Wii.
You have to do good in the games to be friends with the pokemon.

Dream Tree
In the top left corner will be a steps remaining counter. This shows how many more "steps" it takes to get to the Dream Tree.

-At the Dream Tree you can also see other trainers Pokemons who are also in the DW at the moment.
-The Dream Tree is important as this is where you can select your pokemon to go to HL. You must offer up a berry before you can choose.
-Only Pokemon you are friends with may be chosen to go along.
-NOTE: Once you have selected Pokemon to go with you, you will not be able to go to the Dream Isle again until it has been caught in HL.

Catching DW Pokemon
In BW, sync your game by going to Wifi -> Sync and wake up your pokemon.
Then proceed to go to Wireless-> HighLink and go to the Forest north of where you start.
Once there you will see the overworld sprites (from HGSS) of the Pokemon you chose.
Talk to hit and press Yes to start a 'battle' sequence.
Open your bag and select the DreamBall to catch it.

Don't post yet
[JPN]BLACK FC 0346 5115 3497

User Info: freejirachi

6 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: Nekoakuma

6 years ago#4
Minigames in DW

There are various minigames to be played in the DW to befriend Pokemon. As the DW has just opened there are surely other minigames to occur. If you have one not posted here, or have more information on some games, please post them using the following format.

Name: (Japanese Name if you know it, or a rough english name so we know what it is)
Type: One or two words stating what type of game it is.
Description: Describe the game.
Pokemon: Pokemon that appear in the game. *optional*
Other Information: Other info that might be important.

Name: Pelippers Air Race
Type: Race
Description: Pelipper flies right to left across the screen. You have to dodge obstacles and collect speed boosts to achieve a high score.
Pokemon: PokPelipper
Controls: Use the mouse to go up/down/forward/back. [If you've ever played that helicopter flash game where you can't touch the the top and bottom, it's like that.]
Collect type-marks that are your own type for speed boosts. If you touch ones that you are weak to, you slow down.
Other Information:
-Clouds slow you down.
-Negative-Type Marks (electric) decrease your speed and/or points.
-Positive-Type Marks (water) increase your speed and/or points.

Name: Missing [Pokemon]
Type: Search
Description: You're shown a Pokemon that you must within a certain time limit.
Pokemon: Chatot, Hootoot, Fearow, Cleffa [there's heaps more for this]
Controls: Use the arrow keys on-screen to navigate to different areas and try finding the pokemon.
Click on shaking bushes to see if they are there. Shiny patches hold berries. The game ends when you find the asked for Pokemon.
Other Information:
-Time limit of 90 seconds.
-You have a map that becomes revealed as you go through the areas.
-Berry locations are marked with a red dot.
-Can occur on the ground or in the air. (Aesthetic and pokemon appearance changes only.)

Name: Wailord's Balls (lol. yes. I haven't played this yet, this is just what I can scrape about it)
Type: Juggling {?}
Description: You control Wailord who has to keep the Pokemon in the air so they can collect colour-coded balls that match their colouration..
Pokemon: Wailord, Pikachu, Meowth, Piplup, Buizel
Controls: ??? [I'm assuming it's just mouse movement?]
Other Information: If the Pokemon falls into the water they will be out of play for a while, which severely restricts your point-scoring ability.

Other Info That I Forgot But Just Remembered/Found
-No clock-cheat/timetravel when using the PGL/DW. It also affects Black City/White Forest apparently.
-After visiting DW once, the Interior Designer in Shippou City will offer to make furniture for your DW house. [House east of the Pokemon Centre

Trainer Card Colour/Stars Information:

I'm done for now. Post away your contributions. Sticky this if possible
[JPN]BLACK FC 0346 5115 3497

User Info: cecil_080

6 years ago#5

Just want to be sure, but that's the pop up saying unable to get in right? It's just busy or did I mess something up? It's kinda hard to tell >.>
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User Info: Nekoakuma

6 years ago#6
That's a diff popup. Haven't seen it so I'll translate it for you:

"To fully enjoy these contents, please try access the PGL site again after putting a Pokemon to sleep in either Pokemon Black or White."

So it looks like you don't have a sleeping Pokemon as of yet. Go to your C-Gear and put one to sleep then re-login to the PGL site. See if that does the trick.
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User Info: jEr3mY

6 years ago#7
I requested this gets Stickied :-)
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User Info: Sketchies

6 years ago#8

This is what I keep getting... once I click OK or the X I get taken to Makomo talking about the Dream World.

User Info: Nekoakuma

6 years ago#9
That message looks fine. Makomo is just the tutorial before the DW. Just click through her conversation and you should end up at your House.

For those who are iterested the message says:

Welcome to the Pokemon DreamWorld
You have one hour from now to play in the Pokemon DreamWorld.
-Be warned that if you exceed one hour, the DreamWorld will automatically end.
-In the case that the Dreamworld automatically ends there is a possibility that the play data may not be saved properly.
Please finish playing in the DreamWorld when the 1-Hour announcement appears.

(Reference images: The link in my first post, and the last 2 images.)
[JPN]BLACK FC 0346 5115 3497

User Info: Sketchies

6 years ago#10
The problem is, I keep getting that pop-up. I think it may be because the server is full...
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