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User Info: Nekoakuma

7 years ago#1
From herein the following abbreviations will be used.
PGL = Pokemon Global Link
DW = Dreamworld
HL = High Link (specifically the Forest area to catch Pokemon)


1. Useful Links
2. Setting Up a PGL account
3. Connecting to the DW
4. Problems connecting and troubleshooting.
5. The DreamWorld
6. Minigames
7. Other Important Information
8. General Questions

1. Useful Links

Pokemon Global Link website.

DreamWorld Server Status

Pokemon Black and White Wiki (Japanese)

2. Setting up a PGL Account

This translated images give you information on setting up a PGL account.


After making an account you will need to enter your Game Code/ID which can be gotten from your main menu after getting the C-Gear in game.

Also see: http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/globallinktutorial.shtml

3. Connecting to the Dreamworld
3.a Requirements

A PGL account sycned to your Black or White game.
The C-Gear in game.
A sleeping pokemon (to visit the Dream Isle)

When you have all these, proceed to login to the PGL website and click on the BLUE POKEBALL. From there you will see an intro movie and meet Professor Makomo who will introduce you to the DreamWorld and run a short tutorial on it. Each time you visit a new area of the DW for the first time Prof. Makomo will explain in detail about it.

4. Problems connecting and troubleshooting.

I cannot enter the DreamWorld/it won’t let me in.

Check that the server is not busy by visiting the Server Status page. If it is a yellow triangle or a red X, try waiting a bit and connecting at a later time.

I received an “unexpected error” while on the PGL site.

Try logging out and back in. If it doesn’t work, try switching browsers or clearing your cache.

I put a Pokemon to sleep but it’s not appearing in the DW.

Mostly this seems to happen when the server is under a heavy load. Try wake up your Pokemon on your DS and put them back to sleep.

I can’t put my Pokemon to sleep/it won’t let me.

You can only put a Pokemon to sleep once a day. It resets at midnight (your DS time).
You also cannot put a Pokemon to sleep on the same day that you change the DS time and/or date to prevent potential abuse.

Any other errors/questions, try post a screenshot or describe the error in detail.

Do not post yet. Please request sticky.
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User Info: Nekoakuma

7 years ago#2
5. The DreamWorld
5.a Interface

You interact with the DW by pointing and clicking on objects.
In the top-right hand corner are two buttons. The “speech bubble” brings up a recent history log for your DW adventures. The power-button ends your DW session and successfully saves the data.

5.b Areas


Your home is your starting point in the DW. From here you can access the other areas of the DW by clicking on the arrows. You may also enter your house by clicking on the door.

On the home screen you may also visit friends houses by clicking on the Friend Map button in the top-left.

Inside House

Inside your house it is bare except for 3 things.
-Friend Board
This shows the pictures of Pokemon who are waiting to be caught in HL, and those whom you have caught before.
-Treasure Box
This allows you to send any items or berries you have in the DW over to HL where you may collect them in-game.
-Catalogue Book
This book allows you to purchase furniture and other items to decorate your house as you please. Berries are the ‘currency’ used to purchase these goods. The interior designer in Shippou city will also offer to create a new item for you each day, after you have visited the DW once.

Berry Stand (Right arrow from home)
You can place berries here to swap/trade with your friends.

Fields (Left arrow from home)
Here you can plant the berries that you find in the DW. You start off with 2 rows, each can hold 3 berries. The number of rows available can grow depending on some requirements.

Dream Isle

You can visit the Dream Isle by going to the Rainbow Path. You require a sleeping Pokemon to visit the Isle. Here is where you can meet, play and befriend Pokemon. After 10 ‘steps’ in the DW you will arrive at the Dream Tree, where you can wish to bring back a Pokemon to HL. This requires one berry to do.

Pokemon may appear directly, or by clicking on shaking bushes/trees.
Clicking on shiny patches gives you an item or berries.

Pokemon Available

Check Serebii and the BW wiki for more updates.
http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/dreamworldareas.shtml (English)
http://www23.atwiki.jp/pkmnbw/pages/133.html (Japanese)

Small Forest

Available from:

Surskit, Sentret, Stantlet, Farfetch'd, Kanghaskhan, Rattata, Shinxy, Tailow, Exeggcute, Lotad, Doduo, Oddish, NidoranM, NidoranF, Hoppip, Cleffa, Sunkern, Igglybuff, Lickitung, Poocheyna, Ponyta, Bellsprout, Mareep, Tangela

Event Only:
Eeveelutions (PDC event), Kanto Starters (via Pokemon Peer code)

Pokeball, Netball, Nestball, Healball, Super Potion, Cheri Berry, Oran Berry, Sitrus Berry, Figy Berry, Deru Ball

Open Sky

Available from:
After a certain number of DreamPoints (unconfirmed information)

Pokemon Available:
Aerodactly, Natu, Drifloon

Shining Ocean

Available from:

Pokemon Available:
Goldeen, Magikarp, Carvahna.

5.c Befriending and Catching Pokemon

When you run into a Pokemon in the DW they will ask to play a game with you. (More on that below)
If you successfully complete the game, you may select the Pokemon to come back with you at the Dream Tree. Once you have logged out properly from the DW, re-sync your game via the C-Gear on your DS then proceed to visit the HL Forest. You will find the Pokemon walking around the forest overworld, talk to it to ‘battle’ it and catch the Pokemon with the supplied DreamBall.

Do not post yet.
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User Info: Nekoakuma

7 years ago#3

6. Minigames

Pelippers Air Race
Type: Race
Description: Pelipper flies right to left across the screen. You have to dodge obstacles and collect speed boosts to achieve a high score.
Pokemon: Pelipper
Controls: Use the mouse to go up/down/forward/back. [If you've ever played that helicopter flash game where you can't touch the the top and bottom, it's like that.]
Collect type-marks that are your own type for speed boosts. If you touch ones that you are weak to, you slow down.
Other Information:
-Clouds slow you down while you are touching them.
-Negative-Type Marks (electric) decrease your speed by one bar you lose points.
-Positive-Type Marks (water) increase your speed by one bar and 1000 points for every 3 you collect.

Missing [Pokemon]
Type: Search
Description: You're shown a Pokemon that you must within a certain time limit.
Pokemon: Chatot, Hootoot, Fearow, Cleffa [there's heaps more for this]
Controls: Use the arrow keys on-screen to navigate to different areas and try finding the pokemon.
Click on shaking bushes to see if they are there. Shiny patches hold berries. The game ends when you find the asked for Pokemon.
Other Information:
-Time limit of 90 seconds.
-You have a map that becomes revealed as you go through the areas.
-Berry locations are marked with a red dot.
-Can occur on the ground or in the air. (Aesthetic and pokemon appearance changes only.)

Name: Wailord's Balls (lol.)
Type: Breakout
Description: You control Wailord who has to keep the Pokemon in the air so they can collect colour-coded balls that match their colouration..
Pokemon: Wailord, Pikachu, Meowth, Piplup, Buizel
Controls: Move with mouse, Click to make Wailord spout water to push the pokemon up.
Other Information: If the Pokemon falls into the water they will be out of play for a while. Feels similar to Breakout.

Name: Ice-Cream Stacking
Type: Stacking
Description: You scoop up ice-cream and place them into a bowl. Try build an Ice-Cream mountain before the time runs out. Higher builds score more points.
Pokemon: Combee (Just measures the height)
Controls: Click to scoop Ice-Cream and drag it to the bowl.
Other Info: It costs 1 berry to play.
The flavor stats may change depending on which berry used.
'sukuiyasusa' - How easy it is to make the ice-cream scoop big.
'kutsukiyasusa' - the ice cream ability to stay in place.

User Info: Nekoakuma

7 years ago#4

7. Other Important Information

-You may only be on the DreamWorld for a maximum of one hour a day.
-You can only send a Pokemon to sleep once a day.
-Only one Pokemon may be brought back from the Dream Tree at a time.
-Properly exit the DW, don’t just close the browser, as a loss of data may occur.
-After your hour is up you will not be able to access the DW for 24 hours.
-A maximum of 50 pokemon can be on your FRIEND BOARD to be caught in HL at one time. You will be unable to go to the Dream Isle if you have 50 pokemon waiting.
-You can not return to the DreamIsle if you have selected a Pokemon to go to HL and have yet to re-sync your game.
- Apparently there's a limit to how many Pokemon/items you can find in the forest a day (details unknown), so there's no point in rushing your DW activity.
- By doing well at the DW mini-games, the pokemon can get rarer moves.

8. General Questions

Do I need the National Dex?
No you do not require the National Dex. You only need a PGL account and the C-Gear to access the DW.

How do I get to HighLink/Where do I catch the Pokemon?
On your C-Gear, press the Wireless button (Orange) then press the left button to go to HighLink. You cannot go to HL while inside the E4, Pokemon Centres or buildings.

Once in HL, head directly north to enter a Forest area where you can encounter the DW pokemon.

Can I reset for shiny/iv/gender?
Yes you can. Save the game before going to HL to catch the Pokemon.

Can I have more than one pokemon in HL?
Yes. You do not need to catch the Pokemon straight away. However only a maximum of 50 may be in HL Forest at a time.

Do I have to wait 24 hours to re-connect to the DW or only until midnight Japan time?
You have to wait a full 24-hours from once your time is up.

I didn’t use my hour in the DW, can I login again?
Yes, providing that it is still within the initial hour.
Ie; Login at 3:00, logout at 3:10. You may login again anytime up until 4:00, after which you must wait 24 hours.

Can I send items/berries to the DW?
No, you are unable to send items to the DW. Only from the DW to your game.

How can I get the Kanto Starters/Where do I enter the code?

http://www.pokemon-sp.jp/news-sp/2010/08/0827_01.html?SP-inc=hotnewsbox (Japanese)

The Kanto Starters are available to get in the DW if you purchase the Pokemon Peer book. The passwords are single-use and random, so don’t bother asking for people to share theirs.

To enter the code, click on the orange CAMPAIGN icon on the PGL site. It’s located towards the bottom right. It will bring up a list of all current PGL Campaigns. Click the bottom most one that says Pikachu Peer. It brings you to a page to enter your serial number and click NEXT.

After entering the serial number, you will be able to encounter one of the Kanto Starters (chosen at random) in the Dream Isle.

Trainer Card Colour/Stars Information:

You may post now
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User Info: MauriiDS

7 years ago#5
Exellent guide, thank you! (o 3 o)
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User Info: Nekoakuma

7 years ago#6
Edit: Sorry, I misread/mistyped some information. Just clearing it up.

If you have one pokemon waiting to go to HL (ie; if there's a photo on your Friend Board) you won't be able to go to the Dream Isle. Sync your game from your DS to 'transfer' the Pokemon to HL.

and if i'm reading this right (sorry, it's 2:40am and i'm sleepy)

In addition to that, you can have 10 pokemon at one time in HL forest.

I'll update that info once I have 10 Pokemon waiting and I'll see what happens. I'm leaving my Shinx there for now.
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User Info: theugly773

7 years ago#7
sorry to bother again but i just wanna know a simple question. when you "bring" back a pokemon from DW. do you have to wait till next time you sync in to get that pokemon? because yesterday i went to the dream tree, offered a berry and i brought back a pokemon which was nidoran female. I checked inside my house and there was a pic of it there on the board so i woke up my pokemon.. followed the steps went to high link and nothing..today in the morning and i added a pokemon then woke it up. but forgot, now i lost my privilege of symcing and i went to the high link and nothing either. I checked my trainer card in GLOBAL LINK in the box that says i have a befriended a pokemon and nothing shows

User Info: Nekoakuma

7 years ago#8
After logging out of the Dreamworld the Pokemon should be available straight away in HighLink Forest.
I'm looking at my PGL Profile now and it shows the two pokemon that I've befriended and brought back to my game.

Just trying to get this right;

You were on the DW
Met a Nidoran and played/won mini-game.
Went to the tree and offered a Berry.
Pokemon appeared on your Friend Board.

Pokemon doesn't appear in HL.

Did you logout properly of the Dreamworld? (via the power button?)
It seems like something wasn't saved properly or there's been some data loss somewhere along the line.

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User Info: theugly773

7 years ago#9
well i needed like 10 more minutes left in DW so i figured i could wake up my pokemon via C-Gear.. and yea i did everything right. But maybe i had to wait till my time was up and or log out with the power button and well now i gotta wait to saturday to see whats up..and yeah in my "befriended" box in GLOBAL Link...it just says stuff in Japanese and no pokemon..

User Info: Nekoakuma

7 years ago#10
No, you don't have to wait for the one hour to be up.

If you didn't press the power button and just closed the browser then that would be the problem. The play-through data of the DreamWorld was not saved, thus no pokemon.
[JPN]BLACK FC 0346 5115 3497
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