LOL no sleep clause in random wifi.

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User Info: hutchyhutchy

6 years ago#1
Is this even worth playing? Or am I gonna have to have sleep talk on all my pokes, and always lead with breloom?

User Info: RAPTall1

6 years ago#2
The dangers of playing random wifi. Hopefully stuff like that won't be a normal occurence.

I'd think (well, hope) that there's still a bunch of people who'll play random wifi who play by standard rules and clauses.
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User Info: hutchyhutchy

6 years ago#3
Do you think that the kids who are playing from Japan even know about standard rules?

Also, somewhat related to the topic, are there any pokemon that can legally have lock-on + sheer cold/guillotine/horn drill/fissure?

User Info: DeSilent1

6 years ago#4
Articuno is one of them. Mind Reader + Sheer Cold
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User Info: GloryChaos

6 years ago#5
Articuno can legally have mind reader and sheer cold. But he sucks, and you'll find youself losing with that gimmicky, degenerate strategy.

No sleep clause in random wifi sucks. Thankfully, there's no darkrai. >_>
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User Info: TheGolux

6 years ago#6
Sleep Talk isn't a TM anymore. Lots of things can't learn it.
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User Info: KKai

6 years ago#7
For the record, they use Sleep Clause in official Japanese tournaments.

They do not, however, use Smogon pokemon rulesets and whatnot, so their "ubers" are a bit different.
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User Info: itachi134

6 years ago#8
i use breloom on random wifi, but i dont break sleep clause
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User Info: lordofpalkia

6 years ago#9
Out of curiosity, what made you think there would be one?
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User Info: Ubergeneral3

6 years ago#10
what's stopping me from abusing wobb in random Wifi?
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  3. LOL no sleep clause in random wifi.

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