pokesav blue screen

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User Info: pkmnpkmn

7 years ago#1
Whenever I try to use a pokesaved pokemon in the battle subway, it pops up with a weird blue screen on top with japanese on it but the bottom screen is black.and the only way to stop it is to reset. Is there a way to bypass this anti-cheating feature?

User Info: Duskull24

7 years ago#2
ya, stop using pokesav
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User Info: Reimu_H

7 years ago#3
Pokesav better

A good way is to hack over pre-existing pokes.
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User Info: Phoenicopter

7 years ago#4
^Beat me to it. I was going to be ruder, though.
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User Info: goldenix

7 years ago#5
Are you playing with an original cart ?

User Info: pkmnpkmn

7 years ago#6
umm im pretty new to this, how exactly do you pokesav a pokemon that passes the cheating check system in B/W?

User Info: Roobitysu

7 years ago#7
Did you max out its stats completely...? >___>;
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User Info: pkmnpkmn

7 years ago#8
I pressed the max stats button but it didn't go to 999 for the stats.

User Info: hutchyhutchy

7 years ago#9
1.) Stop trying to hack max stats to 999. Theres absolutely no reason for that, even in the BS.
2.) Stop using pokesav and start using pokegen.
3.) making pokemon look either as Hatched or PokéShifted is the quickest way to pass the legality check.

To generate them as if they were hatched from an egg, you'd have to:
a) Check the moveset first. If you want your Gen. I/II/III/IV Pokémon to have a D/P/Pt/HG/SS Move Tutors-only move, or a level-up/Egg move he can only learn in Gen. IV games, you have to make it look PokéShifted instead. A Tyranitar with Aqua Tail is an example of this issue.
b) Set the 'Location' value as 'Sodateya Fuufu' (or 'Day-Care Couple', in English);
c) Set the 'Ball' value as 'Poké Ball';
d) Set the 'Level' value as '1';
e) Check the 'As Egg' box;
f) Specify the Hatch Conditions however you want.

User Info: hutchyhutchy

7 years ago#10
Excuse the double post, but I totally forgot about a few things. You MUST make sure that your pokemon has a PID that works with a particular set of IVs and nature. Do not forget to use the PID search function, or B/W will not accept your pokemon.

Do not exceed 510 total evs, nor more than 255 per stat. Only use abilities that the pokemon should have, and do not use unreleased dream world abilities. I'd recommend against using shinies - it's kinda annoying to see full shiny teams of legendaries and starters on random wi-fi. Have some class if you're gonna hack >_>.

Country of origin should be Japan, and the game of origin should be B/W if you are making a 5th gen poke, or DPPt if you are making an older poke.

When naming your pokemon, either use up to five japanese characters, or use up to 5 english letter characters from the bottom of the character list.
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