Is steel/ghost the best type combination?

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  3. Is steel/ghost the best type combination?

User Info: sniper_zero

7 years ago#1
And if it is, is there any chance nintendo will make a legendary with this type combination?

User Info: dj4242

7 years ago#2
seeing how they made a bug/fire anything is possible
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User Info: Maurith

7 years ago#3
It'd be one of the best defensive types, sure.
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User Info: TheRedLuma

7 years ago#4
Defensive nightmare to those battling it, especially if the trainer uses potions or it knows the move Rest (or any health restoring move). I don't want it to be a legendary though. I'm getting a little ticked off at the number of legendaries that were introduced in the fourth and fifth gens.
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User Info: SilentWanderer

7 years ago#5
With Levitate, ooh boy...
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User Info: dratini360

7 years ago#6
It would be an upgraded Dusknoir by a longshot
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User Info: zhilo3

7 years ago#7
I can't help but feel that Desukan got ****ed over by GameFreak...
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User Info: Xodiark

7 years ago#8
I don't get why everyone is saying that Desukan should be steel/ghost

Ancient egpyt was all natural resources, so rock or ground would have been the only other appropriate type combos, which is also evident in it's appearance.
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User Info: Crazyhax

7 years ago#9
Desukan's dex entry says his sarcophagus is made of pure gold, that's where people are getting steel type.

I really think Ground would have been prefect for him
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User Info: Frost_Nocturne

7 years ago#10
If anything, I thought Goruugo should have been Steel/Ghost. Ground is so random... Desukan would have been made better use of the typing though with it's great defense and if it had Levitate, but Ghost/Rock would with Levitate would have been good too. It still fits and makes a nice addition to SS teams with a Sp.def boost.

And yes, Ghost/Steel is arguably the best Defensive Type combination in the game (especially with Levitate...). I've been waiting for it for "Generations."
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