Apparently sleep moves risk to be banned by Smogon

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User Info: revengeska

6 years ago#21
Smogon has a very good method of determining a good, playable metagame, and ultimately that's why it's so popular. They've basically allowed all but a few things to be used in the OU tier to determine what's broken and what's not broken in the metagame, and they're letting the metagame sort itself out to see what is too powerful and what isn't. No one is forced to follow their rules, but their set of rules is considered fair for those that want to play with them. I don't agree with every single rule but their methods are sound and overall they've created a balanced competitive metagame.
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User Info: Octaivian_Rex

6 years ago#22

From: DetroitLolcat | #006
1. The sleep counter now resets every time your Pokemon switches in. That means if your opponent has one pokemon that can OHKO your sleeping pokemon, that pokemon CANNOT wake up.

That's a pretty awful change. Haven't heard about it till now.

From: VortexContinuum | #019
What a cesspool of ignorant rage this forum has become.

It's always been that way. Trolls fueling fools.
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User Info: MasterOtenko

6 years ago#23
Smogon's been making some very strange choices lately, and that's why I stick to PO's server instead of Smogon's. I doubt I'm the only one, either...
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User Info: neumannjo

6 years ago#24
Smogon is banning these pokemon now, because of their abilities usually. Doryzuu is only banned with Sand Throw, which doubles its speed in a sandstorm.

Anyway, ShoddyBattle doesn't ban Sleep. While there is Sleep Clause as an option, it is not recommended, nor is Sleep Clause active in national tournaments.
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User Info: Panthera

6 years ago#25
I like how someone says "Smogon is doing X" and everyone here believes it without even bothering to check if it's true. There is a topic there DISCUSSING if sleep should be NOMINATED as something to be put to a vote. That's two steps away from even making a decision on banning it, and if you read through the topic you'd see very few people even seem to support the idea, with most saying sleep isn't all that big a deal.
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User Info: maestro

6 years ago#26
ok, this is getting stupid.

I fully understand banning shadow tagging pokemon
I can even reason with banning moves like double team

but sleep?
whats the point in having an insomnia pokemon? what about breloom? Dreameater?

yeah, smogon is bullocks.

User Info: ReasonisTreason

6 years ago#27
^^ Yes, the smart thing to do is attack something that has been proven false multiple times in this very topic.

Posters are bullocks.
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User Info: PalmerSensei

6 years ago#28
^ or its that it was not made by those who made the games.

anyway, i find it stupid that they would ban it. all smogon is doin is making battling easier for noob trainers that can't handle bad luck or losses. and that is a true theory

Oh God, I lol'd so hard.

Judging from your posts, you don't have a clue of what you're talking about.
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User Info: HumphreytheWiz

6 years ago#29
If sleep moves are banned then ban rest

User Info: brinetold

6 years ago#30

From: Herospree | Posted: 12/21/2010 1:52:17 AM | #005
ban sleep? then ban thunder wave.

really hyprocritcal. thats why i dont follow smogon

Which is why I never follow them.
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