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Confirmed: No pokemon Grey

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User Info: Zero97

6 years ago#1
Yea, I know... suprising
I can't post links due to some problems but check here

User Info: i_liek_mudkips

6 years ago#2
Thank god.
"FINISH HIM.... with sliding block puzzles!" ~ ViewtifulGene (in relation to Layton vs Wright)

User Info: EzraGenesis

6 years ago#3
Any Tree Can Drop An Apple
I'll Drop The Freaking Moon

User Info: LiquidSnivy

6 years ago#4
No Pokemon Grey... Pokemon Chrome on the other hand .-.
When I was in high school someone told me Pokemon was for babies, I told him "so are boobs, doesn't mean I can't enjoy them"~Strain42

User Info: Jayceeblaster

6 years ago#5

No Pokemon Grey... Pokemon Chrome on the other hand.

Something like this.

User Info: keijimaster

6 years ago#6
.....I ******* refuse.
You're converting to Xbox over system failure? That's like getting pissed with chemo and deciding to stick with cancer.

User Info: stage7_4

6 years ago#7
Yes! All hail pokemon mauve!

Don't put down grey yet. It might not be on radar for years (emerald came out after firered/leafgreen, remember).
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User Info: rkman427

6 years ago#8
So, do you have the link for the actual website that conducted the interview or at least a name?
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User Info: ShadowNargacuga

6 years ago#9
They said Grey wasn't going to be the third game... but that dosen't mean another game will.
*Tail Slam*
Katsu! - Deidara

User Info: Parasect_Fan

6 years ago#10
Not going to believe that there will be no 3rd version.
Primum nil nocere meus puga
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