drizzle + swift swim

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User Info: War_Machine69

6 years ago#1

did smogon ban it yet?(i remember they had been talking about banning it) and if sodoes PO ban it too(i just started using PO so idk much about it)?

User Info: ice_phoenix_

6 years ago#2
Yes smogon has banned drizzle + swift swim combo. idk about PO, whatever that is
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User Info: _UR2L8_

6 years ago#3
Th reason they banned the two is because the fish got to slippery in rain. None of the attacks made by opposing Pokemon really made an impact on the slippery fish, and also left residue on whatever the opposing used on the slippery fish.

It's like punching soap when you're in the shower, not very effective at all.

My jackassery aside, Smogon is using Aldaron's proposal to test rain. (I believe)
Since the two when on the same team, dominated, he proposed they would be split. To see if it was Drizzle that was making rain teams broken, or swift swim.

If Drizzle by itself is proven to not be broken then Swift Swim will see a ban, and if the opposite proves to be true, then Drizzle will be banned.

That's about all there is to it.
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User Info: Weaponexpert

6 years ago#4
I still do not get it.
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User Info: Shinkuthewise

6 years ago#5

From: Weaponexpert | #004
I still do not get it.

The combination of Swift Swin (which doubles your speed in rain) and Drizzle (perminant rain) is banned because it is deemed as over centrializing.

You may use one or the other but not both on the same team.
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User Info: Weaponexpert

6 years ago#6
I mean the reasons for that.
I will escort you to your funeral(Melfice) Grandia 2
Demons Horde Slash

User Info: kirbydude385

6 years ago#7
because it over sentralizes the metagame. almost everyone was using drizzletoad with SS kingdra and kabutops
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User Info: MagikarpRules

6 years ago#8
Permanent rain makes Pokemon with Swift Swim be faster, and their water type moves are 50 % stronger too. Not only that, Hydration, Dry Skin and Rain Dish also benefit from rain. Without Drizzle, at least you have to set-up for the rain, which will last for 8 turns at most.

I think the same thing should apply to Drought+Chlorophyill and Sand Stream+Sand Throw.
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