How come it's always the Water starter that's the most popular?

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  3. How come it's always the Water starter that's the most popular?

User Info: Darth_Umbrus

6 years ago#31
Until this Gen, I've always picked the fire starter. This gen, though, I'm honestly leaning toward Oshawott
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User Info: Fallen0nMyHead0

6 years ago#32

Elice_Carol posted...
The starters I use are kind of varied, but I use the Grass starter less than the Fire or Water starters, as of this Gen.
The only Grass starter I used was Treecko in Gen III, and that was because Blaziken kinda scared me and there was something unlikable about Mudkip.

holy crap. ME TOO! i ended up using Blaziken for emerald but for Ruby, I had Sceptile the whole time and ended up hating him.

User Info: wrightreyesrock

6 years ago#33
I've gone back in forth between Fire and Water starters

Gen 1: Charmander
Gen 2: Cyndaquil
Gen 3: Mudkip
Gen 4: Chimchar
Gen 5: Oshawott
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User Info: Azumarill12777

6 years ago#34

The last 3 are my fave of the whole group.
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User Info: jrmmd2008

6 years ago#35
This is my first gen starting with water:

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User Info: trutenor

6 years ago#36
Generally what I would do when I buy both games is go through the first game with the fire starter, then go through the second game with the water starter. When the third game is released, that would be a good time to go with the grass starter, but I pick fire again.

I also pick the fire starter because as several people have noted, grass and water starters are a lot easier to come by as opposed to fire ones. As soon as you get a rod or Surf, water pokemon pop up out of nowhere. Grass types are easy to come by in whatever forest you end up in. But fire? You generally have to go to some lava-esque area, which isn't till at least halfway through the game.

My favorite pokemon also happen to be fire type. Charizard is self explanatory, but Infernape is my 2nd favorite pokemon of all time (second only to Jolteon). Fire is also my second favorite type (second only to Electric), so I've always favored fire more.

Here is what I've noticed about the starters.

1st gen: Charizard for popularity, Blastoise for competitive value (makes a great rapid spinner and special wall).

2nd gen: Typhlosion and Feraligatr are pretty much tied in popularity, but Feraligatr is more popular from a competitive standpoint.

3rd gen: As someone else mentioned, Blaziken and Sceptile are pretty much tied, while Swampert is most popular for competitive value, although that might change thanks to Blaziken getting a boost in DW.

4th gen: In Japan, Piplup was the most popular starter, while Chimchar was the most popular elsewhere. As for final evolutions, Infernape is the most popular and most competitive period, while Empoleon was a close second.

5th gen: Here is where things are interesting. Before the games even came out in Japan, Snivy was the most popular and Oshawott was the least popular, with Tepig in the middle. But as soon as the games come out in Japan, Oshawott popularity rises dramatically, while Snivy and Tepig drop. In fact, Tepig is just about as unpopular now as Oshawott was before the games were released.

User Info: Geostomp

6 years ago#37
For me it goes:

First Gen: Squirtle
Second Gen: Totodile in the originals and Cyndaquil for the remakes
Third Gen: Mudkip
Fourth Gen: Turtwig
Fifth Gen: Oshawott

I like Water types because they're probably the single best type of all in terms of offense and defense and your starter, for at least the beginning of the game, is the only one you can rely on. The fact that three out of five gens set you against a Rock-type gym right off the bat probably contributed to water starter popularity.
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User Info: EJ902

6 years ago#38
I find it's the most straightforward and broad type to work with of the three. I only usually use the other two when I can be bothered to put the effort into thinking up a team

User Info: Darthkirby707

6 years ago#39
I would say...

1st: Charmander. Sorry, but Charmander was BY FAR the most popular 1st gen starter, even as well liked as Squirtle and Bulbasaur are.

2nd: Cyndaquil, Totodile was moderately popular and nobody liked Chikorita, but Cyndaquil was the most popular.

3rd: Not really sure here- I think Mudkip is probably right.

4th: I would say this one was pretty even...


User Info: DeuxHero

6 years ago#40
Because Smugleaf's movepool is really bad and the pig is the 3rd fire fighting.
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