What are the Best six pokemon, each different type? (White/Black)

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6 years ago#1
I would like to know what the best 6 pokemon are, each being different. like fire, water, grass, electric, flying eg ...
Would prefer them not to be legendary and to be from the new region but, i'm taking all opinions



6 years ago#2

User Info: ThreeKarmaLoss

6 years ago#3
Well, in game, none of it matters. Use what you like.

For competitive play, this is far too hard a question to answer. The Uber tier would obviously dominate the psychic and dragon types, and even then, each pokemon has a different use.


6 years ago#4
well ofcourse it matters - if you use a charmander over a ho-oh your gonna see a difference, im basically askign for the best pokemon of each type

User Info: Slyfer070

6 years ago#5
Ferrothorn is pretty much the best new Grass/Steel Type. One of the best combinations for resistances in the game. Spike/Stealth rocker and basically anything to annoy the opponent, it's in its movepool.
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User Info: The_Ollynator

6 years ago#6
There hasn't, isn't, and will never be any one "best" pokemon of any type. Now if you said what's the best ancient-insect-with-a-cannon-on-it's-back we may suggest genosect.

No but seriously ThreeKarmaLoss is right. For competitve, there are so many options (check the faqs, smogon.com sometime down the road). In game, just go with what you want. Ultimately, just have fun with it-if there was "one best" pokemon (types or not) these games would suck.
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User Info: darkmoonbeam

6 years ago#7
if you want to make the last parts of the game a joke, get a shandera with minimize, and a bunch of moomoo milk/hyper potions.

Minimize 1-3 times and heal when you get hit, then sweep all opponents
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