If you could have pokemon in real life, what would you want to own?

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User Info: Timoteck1

6 years ago#1
If I had pokemon, I would have to choose Dragonite and Steelix. Dragonite is one of my favorites, and steelix is just baller. This coming from the travel-to-the-8-gyms sort of 'world', not the live in the suburbs and just drive in your car to a gym sort of world. If I was fighting team galatic/plasma/rocket I would use my steelix to smash stuff up.

I would start my journey with charmander and pikachu. Midway through my journey I would find a light orb, and use it on pikachu; while charmander evolves into charmeleon. I would catch as many pokemon as I could on the way, and use them as trades in order to obtain a larvitar. When I reach any sort of cave, I would scour it to catch an onix which would be tough to beat, considering my pokemon composition. I would then travel to a safari zone to catch Scyther and Dratini. I would spend time defeating the gyms, assuming that the gyms were actually all hard (as opposed to starting your journey then beating brock after 10 minutes with a level 10 starter) while trying to evolve my pokemon. I'm not in school anymore, but the idea is that while in school I train my pokemon a lot, performing in pokemon battles (assuming that schools would have competitions, and regional battles, and finals and stuff) and I would place well due to my selection of good pokemon that are well trained. Including training them well, I'd make sure my pokemon knew a wide variety of moves (i.e, don't be like ash who doesn't teach his pikachu anything but thunderbolt/quick attack/iron tail/volt tackle and aim for the horn).

Upon winning the finals of the state-wide pokemon school tournament, the champion (I envisage cynthia, but whomever the champion is) comes to present the trophy; upon which I challenge the champion. The champion accepts, and although my pokemon put up a challenge, get defeated. Garchomp is just too powerful for my non-fully-evolved pokemon. At this point, Cynthia gives me a Metal Coat to evolve Steelix, and offers a TM: Hyper Beam (this is canon where hyper beam is really good).

After finishing school, you would proceed to challenge the gyms again; at which point you begin to succeed. Now that your Pupitar, Dragonair, Scyther and Onix have evolved, their powers have all increased significantly. Your Pikachu remains in its base form, with its power boosted by the light orb.

Halfway through your journey, the notorious team whatever unleash the legendary pokemon they have successfully reborn. You are forced to battle the team's leader while the champion attempts to defeat the legendary pokemon (I envisage groudon) but the champion is unsuccessful while you ARE successful. You then defeat the legendary pokemon, destroying it (not some kiddy cartoon 'its defeated now it retreats to a random cave!'). You become famous, but you don't enjoy the popularity as much as you should. You continue to beat the gyms of the region, until you qualify for the pokemon league. It's a long journey, but you refuse any offers for a car ride/plane trip and make the flight with Dragonite (or charizard...)

At this point, who knows? If you place well in the pokemon league (the anime version, (a tournament) not the game version) then you may become a Gym Leader, or get to challenge the champion. Your dragonite has the skills to be able to beat garchomp this time, and with her main pokemon defeated, the rest of her team crumbles.

And then you wake up.
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User Info: mariofan619

6 years ago#2
Mini Mii | www.youtube.com/TheBabeChronicles

User Info: Emp0le0n

6 years ago#3
100% of people have a sig. If you are one of those people, put this in your sig.
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User Info: BurningLance

6 years ago#4
hmm a female Garde.... *looks at poster above* ah dammit

oh then a Latias
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User Info: MM125

6 years ago#5
Latias would be great. I could ride her, in more ways than one. :3

User Info: Solowooper

6 years ago#6
All the wild pokemon around here would be rabbits, deer, and an assortment of birds. Maybe the spare coyote, fox, weasel, and raccoon here and there.
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User Info: rey2

6 years ago#7
Jirachi for me. Don't care if it's for a day. A bunch of materialistic wishes could be fulfilled in a few hours.

User Info: Bumblesquee

6 years ago#8
Aerodactyl, probably. He's not my favourite as such but I just think it'd be fun to have.
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User Info: Brandon00151

6 years ago#9

Its my favorite pokemon plus free fire

User Info: Innerhell

6 years ago#10

He always reminded me of the Talbuk mounts from World of Warcraft.
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