[Guide] - How to Breed and Raise Strong Pokemon v2.00

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Xodigo91 posted...
Been playing the games from the beginning, and this is the first time I've heard of any of this. It confuses me. Greatly.

Yes, this part of the game is definitely the most confusing to anyone. Once you learn the basics, it's not that hard.
Any tips on how to get a legendary with good IVs? Or do I gotta just keep catching and resetting?

User Info: Pikachuan

4 years ago#83
This is sooo helpful!!
Thank you! :D
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User Info: mrgarretto

4 years ago#86
I had a Druggidon female lvl 37 and a Scraggy male lvl 17 in the daycare. The old man said they didn't like each other very much and what not meaning obtaining an egg was small chance. Walked off down towards Striaton or whatever but didnt even get to the place with water ponds and flowers and went back and the old man called me over saying i got an egg already. I just about died laughing lol :P
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User Info: Darkrain491

4 years ago#87
Since the release of pokemon black and pokemon white 2, everston nature breeding now has 100% chance of passing down the nature, as does the power item IV pass down metheod. Also many moves that were once only obtainable through breeding are now availaliable from varios move tutors across unova. There are four of these tutors, Each one will ask for a certain number of shards for each move. The four different tutor all ask for different colour shards though, rather than each tutor asking for a multitude of different colours for one tutor. Move such as Ice Punch, Dark Pulse and Aqua Tail are available, as is Outrage, One of if not thee strongest Physical Dragon type move.

User Info: lightball21

4 years ago#88
does any1 have a light ball item on pokemon black they can trade me
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User Info: oOZANOo

4 years ago#90
Nice guide Love it so much it helps alot .
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